Certified Installer Logo

Congratulations on becoming a Stoneyard Certified Installer!

 Here is how to download your Certified logo: 

Computer or Tablet: right-click on logo to download and save

iPhone: hold finger down on image for one second, then release. Save Image appears.

How to Link: Link the logo to either https://stoneyard.com or your marketing page on Stoneyard.com (This is important for your search results: linking to a more popular website improves your Google ranking.)

Add this higher resolution logo to your print proposals. You can resize it to fit.
Add this logo to your website
Add this logo to your email signature

Note: if you do not have a marketing page on Stoneyard.com, you may send finished photos of Stoneyard thin stone installed to marketing@stoneyard.com along with your current contact information. The Stoneyard marketing team will create the page for you.