Easy Way for Contractors to Reach Neighbors

Target Your Best Prospects… The Neighbors Around Your Current Projects

  • Mail 50 Full Color Postcards For As Little As $42.50*!
  • With easy-to-use postcard program you can customize and mail your postcards in under 2 minutes
  • Change the coupon on your postcard every time you mail
  • Send your customer’s testimonials to the neighbors on your postcard

Target your best prospects using our pinpoint mapping feature – mailing addresses are provided

Postcards are printed in full color, full bleed, on durable stock and laminated on both sides.

* Includes Postcard Printing, Mailing List, & First Class Postage

Stoneyard and Target Neighbors have partnered to help you get additional business in the neighborhoods around your current customers.

  • Go to the Target Neighbors website TargetNeighbors.com to see how it works.
  • Make sure you take their mailing list tool for a test drive!
  • Special Offer! As a Stoneyard Installer you receive three custom designed Stoneyard postcards for FREE!

For more information contact Jim Zingg at 617-335-7104 or jim@targetneighbors.com

Visit TargetNeighbors.com for complete details and demo

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