Eldorado Stone for Fireplaces and a Fantastic Alternative

Eldorado stone fireplace designs are renowned for bringing elegance and beauty into the heart of the home. The hearth is considered a sacred gathering place, and the fire provides warmth both in the literal sense and the symbolic sense of spending time with loved ones. A fireplace surround should capture that same energy and emotion – while also expressing the unique aesthetics of your home.

Showcasing an abundance of sophisticated designs to embellish the hearth, Eldorado stone veneer fireplaces are a great option for homeowners looking to add striking charm and character to this special area within the home. Manufactured Eldorado fireplace stone is not the only option available. If you prefer a more natural, organic look that embraces the authenticity of real stone, there’s another stone veneer resource you need to know about.

Whether you prefer a smooth, streamlined style or a more rustic facade, explore the various options available with Eldorado stone fireplaces and an impressive alternative – Stoneyard® natural stone veneer from New England.

Embrace Classic Elegance with a Stone Veneer Fireplace

Stone has a certain majestic quality about it that surpasses the aesthetic quality of wood, brick, iron, and other traditional fireplace surround materials. Creating an immediate connection with nature – but offering refined curves that express antiquated artistry – stone fireplace surrounds have a mesmerizing effect and contribute to creating a warm, welcoming space that puts people at ease.

Because full stone surrounds can be challenging to install, needlessly expensive, and extremely difficult to remodel, most homeowners prefer a stone veneer fireplace surround. Stone veneer is typically thinner, considerably more lightweight, and easier to install. When crafted correctly, stone veneer expresses the same aesthetic beauty as a traditional, full stone surround – but with much less effort and fewer resources required.

Manufactured Stone or Natural Stone – How to Choose the Right Fireplace Surround

Style is certainly a main concern when it comes to selecting the right fireplace surround for your home. One of the reasons why people are drawn toward Eldorado stone veneer fireplaces is their easy elegance. Intentionally crafted to imitate the look of limestone or other natural materials, Eldorado fireplace stone has a fantastic finished look that is achieved with hand painting techniques.

While the finished product is certainly impressionable, some homeowners aren’t fond of the fact that Eldorado fireplace stone is manipulated and manufactured. For homeowners who prefer a more natural appearance that relies on real stone harvested and cut down to create a beautiful, organic fireplace veneer pattern, Stoneyard® has the perfect solution.

Stoneyard® – A Great Option for Embracing Natural Beauty

Stoneyard® specializes in crafting beautiful, easy-to-install stone veneer styles that are ideal for fireplace surrounds and durable enough for indoor or outdoor installation.

Harvesting the most pristine natural resources from New England quarries, their reclaimed stone veneer fireplace designs express unmatched beauty and serve as an excellent alternative to Eldorado stone veneer fireplace products.

A Passionate Team with Real Expertise

Based in Massachusetts, Stoneyard® consists of a tight-knit team that is truly passionate about transforming homes with natural products crafted from New England fieldstone. With over 30 years in the business, they bring a level of expertise that you can really count on. Whether you visit the showroom in person to browse stone fireplace options or prefer to talk to a project planner from a distance, the Stoneyard® team is always happy to help their clients find the perfect stone veneer for their project.

Exciting Stone Fireplace Designs from Stoneyard®

Not all stone styles have the same effect! Texture plays a big role in the aesthetic identity of fireplace surrounds. Rigid flagstone, stacked stone, rounded mosaic layouts – Stoneyard® has a plethora of stone veneer styles to choose from, so you get the perfect look for your fireplace and can create your ideal space.

Greenwich Gray Ledge Ashlar Fireplace Leightons Landscaping

Plus, an assortment of natural color palettes can make the design process even more exciting. Whether you’re looking for a steely gray stone with a modern feel to frame an outdoor fireplace or you’re looking for a beige tone with curves to bring subtle warmth to the living room, Stoneyard® has a great selection of colors to consider. A modern oasis or a classic lodge atmosphere – you can create any ambiance with the right selection of Stoneyard® fireplace veneer.

How to Order Stoneyard® Samples for Your Next Project

Deciding between Eldorado fireplace stone or natural Stoneyard® veneer can be difficult if you’re not exactly sure which style is best for your space. Stoneyard® makes the design process painless by providing samples to help you as you make your selection. They also have video conferencing available, so you can chat directly to an expert and address any questions. Plus, an in-person visit to their showroom is always an option as well!

Ready to get a Stoneyard® sample and start designing your stone veneer fireplace? Contact the Stoneyard® team today and we will help you find the perfect material for your fireplace project.

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