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The Stone Trust Flagging Workshop

Learn the Basics of Structurally Sound Dry Stone Flagging Construction

• Improve building speed
• Improve base structure and strength
• Understand site setup and layout methods
• Understand effective stone shaping techniques and tool care for increased efficiency

Workshop is Thursday July 18th 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Workshop Format:
The workshop format will be a one-day stone flagging course that will focus on base foundation, fitting and leveling needed to achieve successful patios with natural stone. The course will cover all aspects of typical patios: foundation & compaction, layout and pitch, fitting and shaping stones, bedding and leveling stones and packing joints. Polymeric sand will not be used though it can be discussed.

The morning will cover foundation preparation in detail. Demonstrating the correct products and compaction. Layout and grades for proper pitch will be set, showing correct use of a laser level. Bedding material will then be placed. Hand shaping (hammer and chisel) of flagging will be taught and the layout of the stone will begin.

In the afternoon, participants will work in pairs, with each pair working an area about 6’ x 8’. Laying out the stone, then leveling and packing joints. As time allows cutting stone with power tools may also be demonstrated.

Each workshop day is expected to be about 8 hrs, including lunch break.

This workshop is specifically designed for hardscape installers, masons, and landscape foremen, however anyone may attend. Have new people on your crew? Bring them up to speed quickly with this workshop.

Participation fee for the workshop is $345 per participant.

Licensed Landscape Architects can receive 7.5 LA CES credits for participating in this workshop.


Date(s) - Thursday, July 18, 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Stoneyard Showroom & Warehouse