Aquaphalt High Performance Patch Material for Asphalt & Concrete

Aquaphalt High Performance Patch Material for Asphalt & Concrete

A Permanent, Eco-Friendly Asphalt Patch. Picked #1 by Consumer Reports!

Revolutionary permanent asphalt and concrete repair material for pothole repair, pavement repair, utility cuts, walkways, tennis courts and driveway repair — it works even in wet and cold conditions.
  • Aquaphalt 4.0 is used for repairs less than 1 inch in depth.
  • Aquaphalt 6.0 is used for repairs 1 inch in depth or greater.
Environmentally friendly. Solvent free.    

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Revolutionary permanent asphalt and concrete repair material for pothole repair, pavement repair, utility cuts, walkways, tennis courts and driveway repair — it works even in wet and cold conditions

  • Eco-friendly binder reacts and hardens with only water—no toxic solvents
  • Aquaphalt is laid directly from its container—no need to mobilize large crews and equipment
  • Minimizes roadway disruption with no need for special preparations
  • Pre-mixed and permanent Aquaphalt is a one-time fix

Aquaphalt® is designed and performance tested using AASHTO and ASTM testing specifications related to Hot Mix Asphalt. All aggregate materials are a non-polishing, crushed granite from an approved Virginia DOT source. All aggregate materials are quality tested.

The binder of  Aquaphalt® is a proprietary liquid blend that contains renewable natural raw materials. Reactive Binder is a further development of the “Raps-Asphalt” technology. “Raps-Asphalt” is a plant based binder with bitumen, a naturally occurring organic byproduct of organic materials representing a total weight of approximately 5-8% of the finished product; this binder contains natural rape seed oil which improves stability.

Product Description:
Aquaphalt® is a revolutionary, high performance, flexible, reactive repair product for use in repairing asphalt and concrete road surfaces. Aquaphalt® reacts with water to provide a permanent repair solution. All sizes of Aquaphalt® are free of solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Aquaphalt® comes in three (3) sizes (4.0mm, 6.0mm, & 9.0mm) for surface, intermediate or base repairs for any type of asphalt or concrete road repair.

Applications: Highways (asphalt or concrete), Runways/Taxiways/Aprons, Bridge Decks, Manhole repairs, Potholes, Utility Cuts, Parking Lots, Driveways, Tennis Courts, Pathways

Performance Features:
Permanent Solution – Aquaphalt® is comparable to typical hot mix asphalt pavements in quality and unlike other conventional cold patch asphalt products which never deliver a truly permanent repair.

Cost Effective – Aquaphalt® saves time and money by eliminating costly repeat repairs.

Environmentally Sustainable – Aquaphalt® contains no toxic solvents of VOC’s, making it friendlier to the environment.

Directions for Use:
Remove all loose material from area to be repaired. Place Aquaphalt ®in the patch and level with a rake or trowel. Allow 0.5” -1.0” additional height for compaction. Saturate with water (use approx. 1.5 gallons of water to 55 lbs. Aquaphalt ®) and compact. If the depth of the pothole is greater than 2-3”, it is advisable to fill the hole in two layers. In colder weather a freezing point suppression additive may be added to the water prior to saturation (i.e. road brine, salt water, etc.)

Clean Up: Use Automotive hand cleaners on hands and tools. Tools may also be cleaned with light oil, mineral spirits or vegetable oil.

Storage and Handling:
Each bucket of Aquaphalt® contains approximately 55 lbs. of material. Store Indoors in cool, dry conditions. Avoid direct sunlight and/or exposure to freezing. Aquaphalt® can be applied in freezing conditions, but workability is best when it is stored indoors.

General Advice:
Aquaphalt® hardens quickly for immediate use. After water is applied, Aquaphalt® will start to cure in 15 minutes and can be opened to traffic immediately. The reactive process happens relatively quickly and Aquaphalt starts to get hard and in most cases, will be fully cured in 24 hours. Since Aquaphalt® does not release any harmful VOC’s it can be sealed 24 hours after installation.

Picked #1 by Consumer Reports!

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