Contractor Series Fireplace Kit – 36″

Contractor Series Fireplace Kit – 36″

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The Contractor

Best Selling Outdoor Fireplace Kit
  • Cost Effective Option
  • Makes the hardest part of the build easy – people usually customize
  • Additional flues can be added to achieve desired height (6″ increments)
  • For mason contractors who like to begin veneer on the same day

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Overall Height: 73.5″

Overall Width: 46″

Overall Depth: 33″

Required Materials Not Included: All Purpose Ready Mix, Thin Firebrick, Thin Stone Veneer

Materials Included: 3 Chimney Extensions

Weight: 1760 lbs

*For proper curing, please wait a minimum of 28 days before lighting any fire in pizza ovens, fireplaces, and fire pits.*

An outdoor fireplace is the focal point for your outdoor living space.

The Contractor Series Outdoor Fireplace Kit offers solid design and materials with an emphasis on value. This outdoor fireplace kit is distilled down to its essential components of fireplace and chimney, with additional items left optional. This series is fully customizable to allow for your own choice of mantel, firebrick and hearth options. Additionally, chimney extensions are available to allow for the specific height requirements as required by your local regulations.

  • Easy to install – comes with complete instructions –  3 to 4 hours to build – you can focus on your design finish!
  • Durable Construction – rebar reinforcement and solid wall concrete construction
  • Less Smoke – designed with deeper firebox and superior throat design for better drafting
  • Longevity – heavy-duty design for a long life of enjoyment
  • Finishing – Comes ready to veneer
  • Strength – Over 100 ft lineal of rebar in each fireplace for quality strength
  • Outdoor Fireplace Kits manufactured at your local Fire Farm

Buckets needed for Assembly: 4 All Purpose Ready Mix Mortar

Thin Veneer Flats Needed: 85 Sq. Ft. (estimated, does not include waste)

Thin Veneer Corners Needed: 26 Ln. Ft. (estimated, does not include waste)

Firebrick Required: 85 Thin Brick Splits

Set Time: 28 days

*For proper curing, please wait a minimum of 28 days before lighting any fire in pizza ovens, fireplaces, and fire pits.*


Fireplace – Contractor Fireplace Instructions

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