Stoneyard® IS MOVING

Littleton, MA, SEPT. 7, 2022 – Massachusetts natural thin stone veneer manufacturer Stoneyard, Inc. will move its headquarters from 265 Foster Street in Littleton, MA to its founding location at 2 Spectacle Pond Road, Littleton, MA on Monday, September 19, 2022. 

The move is happening because Stoneyard has sold its property at 265 Foster St, Littleton, MA to a Boston-based developer. 

“During the pandemic the demand for our natural thin stone veneer building material increased to the point where consolidation of both facilities was the best option.” says Jerry Croteau, CEO of STONEYARD®. 

David Croteau, Co-Founder of STONEYARD® added, “Since we sell our product line nationally and ship across the U.S., focusing our investments on manufacturing thin stone veneer in one location will increase our production efficiency and shorten the time from manufacturing to pickup and delivery of our thin stone veneer. ”


Stoneyard specializes in all-natural New England thin stone veneer. Our products are made from both quarried and weathered real stones that feature earth tones from such New England states as Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

STONEYARD® is a second-generation family company delivering the traditional building stone of New England to a nationwide clientele. Project owners, architects, designers and masons are invited to evaluate these building materials through information, photos and videos found at

Stoneyard, Inc.
2 Spectacle Pond Rd.
Littleton, MA 01460