Takeoff Services

Calculate Thin Stone Veneer Square Footage and Linear Feet of Corners

Stoneyard’s Takeoff Services are available for contractors, architects and homeowners who need to accurately order thin stone veneer for projects. Simply follow the steps below. Stoneyard Takeoffs use PlanSwift software to accurately measure surface areas. Use Stoneyard Takeoffs to confirm the architect, builder or estimator measurements and estimated quantities for thin veneer, hardscape and flooring. 

1. Upload Your Drawing, Plans or Blueprints. Verify measurements in the field (if possible). Must be scaled drawings.

2. Receive quantity needed: thin veneer square footage and linear feet of corners

3. Order the correct amount of thin stone veneer including appropriate percentage of waste. 

Order Takeoff Services

2 business day turnaround: $189    Introductory Price: $139 
5 business day turnaround: $149    Introductory Price:  $99

Fill out the form below and a STONEYARD® stone specialist will contact you. Call 978-742-9800 for immediate assistance or text 978-310-3008. Remember to upload your plans!

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Takeoff Services