What Moisture Control Cavity Weep System Should I Use?

Why include a weep system?

Veneer stone is not a structural wall, it is either adhered to the structural wall (thin veneer) or anchored to a weight bearing foundation (building veneer). Stone and mortar are porous and so water can eventually weep through these materials and cause two potential issues: damage to the substrate or efflorescence (salt from the water).

What does a weep system offer?

Cavity weep systems are designed to protect against these two problems. It consists of vertical channels and corrugated exit holes that allow moisture that does penetrate to safely exit down the wall and out through the face. There are also accessories for corners and special situations like windows and finished grade changes.

Our recommended weep system is from MTI (Masonry Technology Incorporated). Their website is www.MTIdry.com. Below you will find several diagrams that illustrate wall cross sections for both adhered (thin) veneer and anchored (building) veneer.

We Recommend MTI Moisture Control For Cavity Weep Systems

Not all drainage planes and weep systems are created the same. MTI provides:

  • Premier Drainage Planes and Weep Systems with Research Backed, Field Proven protection against moisture, mold, and wall rot
  • Easy-to-install, durable moisture control systems
  • Detail Drawings, Animations, CAD details, more! Custom details also available
  • 100% Recycled Material in Drainage Planes
  • Customer Service second to none – they will answer questions

Masonry Technology Inc. is the only manufacturer of rainscreen drainage technology that designs, manufactures, and markets complete systems.

MTI Product Videos

Product Specs

Installation Details

Contact MTI at 800-879-3348 or visit mtidry.com

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