The Story of Stoneyard®

David Croteau


Our parents started working with stone in Groton, MA. In 1986 the Croteau brothers started Stoneyard® in Littleton, MA. Now the third generation is working with us. As a stonemason myself, I and so many of our employees love natural stone in all of its forms. We work every day to make sure each and every stone we deliver is the absolute highest quality material, all directly from the good earth.”

Jerry Croteau


“Growing up surrounded by stone and – the hard work that comes with it –  gave me the foundation I needed to be a technology entrepreneur. I joined my family at Stoneyard® to drive our company forward with on-site production techniques and online technology so that we can make beautiful New England stone available to everyone that loves natural stone.

John Croteau


“As a CPA, I knew that I wanted to run a manufacturing company when David and I started, especially building the operations and coaching our employees. I enjoy taking a natural product from the earth, and using a natural process to turn it into a building material people can use on their homes.

Create your own New England Fieldstone Stone Wall masterpiece with this step-by-step guide.

How to Fix a Pothole - Stoneyard® Aquaphalt 12 Minute Solution. Water Activated.

For over 30 years Stoneyard® has been delivering the traditional building stone of New England to a nationwide audience. Our showroom is open Monday to Friday and we invite architects, masons, installers, homeowners and project managers to evaluate our products online at 

Stoneyard® specializes in reclaimed New England stone, a LEED certified architectural building material. Products are cut from a blend of weathered, aged, and quarried real stone, in our facility in Littleton, Massachusetts. Each of the 9 unique color lines feature the earth tones of states such as Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Our Thin Stone weighs less than 15 lbs per sq ft. and is available in five distinct shapes: Round, Ledgestone, Ashlar, Square & Rectangular and Mosaic. Matching 90˚ corners give the appearance of a full thickness stone without the additional weight.