Efflorescence on Stone Veneer

5 Common Mistakes In Thin Stone Veneer Installation

Thin stone veneer adds a touch of nature to any space, but achieving a flawless installation requires careful planning and execution. Unfortunately, several common mistakes can mar the beauty and…

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David Croteau Training Class at Shawsheen Tech

Stoneyard Partners with Shawsheen Tech

Stoneyard provides thin stone veneer installation education for masonry students at Shawsheen Valley Technical High School in Billerica, MA.  LITTLETON, MA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2024/ – Stoneyard founder David…

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Foundation by JS Masonry Boston Blend Ashlar

On-Site Thin Stone Veneer Installation

We have an exciting on-site thin stone veneer installation happening at Stoneyard in Littleton, MA. With the help of JS Masonry, a professional mason and Stoneyard Certified Thin Stone Veneer…

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Fireplace by Vivian Robins Design - Shadow Mountain Stacked Stone

All About Stacked Stone Veneer

Stacked stone veneer is a popular choice for homeowners and designers who want to add a touch of natural elegance to their interior or exterior spaces. Made from thin strips…

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Martignetti Installer Class Woburn

Stoneyard & Martignetti Stone Installation Classes

{LITTLETON, MA, May 6, 2024} Last week, Stoneyard, a natural stone supplier based in Littleton, MA partnered with Martignetti Enterprises for two days of stone veneer installation classes. Martignetti Enterprises,…

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Stoneyard Boston Blend Mosaic Landscape Solutions Riverview

Choosing the Perfect Stone Accent Wall

Looking for a way to upgrade your living room, kitchen, or office space? A stone accent wall may be just what you need to elevate your interior design. A natural…

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Cottage Standard Cut Installation

Simplified Stone Installation with Cottage Standard Cut

Want to achieve the look of natural stone and save time on installation? Look no further than Cottage Standard Cut Travertine Thin Stone Veneer. Crafted from premium travertine, this stone…

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Stone Front House before and after

Visualize Your House With Stone Accents

What could your house look like with natural thin stone veneer? The Stone Project Visualizer is a cutting-edge tool offered by Stoneyard, designed to revolutionize the way you plan and…

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Texture in Modern Design

With Natural Thin Stone Veneer Thin stone veneer offers a unique way to add texture to a modern design. Natural stone blends well with the more neutral color palette often…

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Exterior Siding by Quinns Stoneworks and Landscape LLC - Boston Blend Square and Rec

Choosing The Perfect Stone Siding

Natural stone veneer siding offers a timeless and durable upgrade to any residential or commercial property. However, with so many options available, choosing the perfect stone siding can be a…

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Siding by Goedecke Design Center Greenwich Gray

Maximizing the Benefits of Thin Stone Veneer in Construction

Explore the numerous benefits of thin stone veneer. Unveil its aesthetic appeal, easy installation process, and eco-friendly attributes in our blog post.

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What is New England Fieldstone?

There’s a history behind every one of our natural stone products. We source local material like New England Fieldstone for its historic appeal, unique characteristics, and versatility. Its composition has…

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