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Daily Newsletters We Think You Will Find Useful

Here are a few daily email newsletters that we think you will enjoy and find useful. A great way to start your day. It all starts with the Daily Skimm – the morning newsletter that millions wake up to. We connect the dots on how the day’s biggest stories affect your life. Give the Morning

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How To Attach Soapstone To A Vertical Surface?

What is recommended to attach soapstone to a vertical surface? Can I use Laticrete Hi-Bond with shims to prevent the stone from sliding or moving. From: “Gilles D. Bignolas” <>Date: January 27, 2021 at 8:14:50 AM ESTSubject:Soapstone Laticrete Hi-Bond will be suitable for soapstone, it seems to be a pretty dense stone so the installer will most

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Stone Sealing and/or Color Enhancing with Prosoco

How to protect the surface of natural stone hearths, mantels, caps, pavers or steps with a textured or smooth finish. Use a stone sealer to repel water, enhance stone color, and/or add gloss to the stone surface. Prosoco Stone Sealer SLX100, Color Enhance WB, Gloss N Guard. David Croteau explains and shows the different uses

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Used Granite Yard Tour With David

Stoneyard’s David Croteau tours the 16 acre stone yard in Littleton, MA to show used granite and bluestone pieces, slabs, blocks, building veneer, chucks and curbing. These pieces can be cut to size for hearths, mantels, fire pits, steps, retaining walls, thin veneer, building veneer, hardscape, landscape and many other architectural applications.

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