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Stone Business Magazine: Aging Well, A Wine Cellar

Stone Business Magazine Aging Well WELLESLEY HILLS, Mass. – When the look says “castle,” but the construction says drywall, a thin-veneer stone can go a long way. At least that’s the experience of Ed Loughran, owner of the locally based Charles River Wine Cellars, Inc., who’s taken his stone expertise from landscapes to basements in

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Stone Brings Rustic Charm to Elegant New England Eatery

Building Stone Magazine Article: Stone Brings Rustic Charm To Elegant New England Eatery Written by Jennifer Adams Download PDF of article Elegant, warm and inviting are the three words designer Dana Boucher of Breath of Fresh Art uses to describe the interior dining space of the Copper Door restaurant in Bedford, NH. At the heart

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How to Install A Dry-Laid Fieldstone Wall

How to Install A Dry-Laid Fieldstone Wall The aged fieldstone wall rambling through the countryside will forever be a symbol of our New England lifestyle. Freestanding fieldstone walls serve as property lines and fences. Retaining fieldstone walls not only are beautiful; they also serve a very important function to hold back and stabilize steep embankments.

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Recommended Moisture Control Cavity Weep System

Why include a weep system? Veneer stone is not a structural wall, it is either adhered to the structural wall (thin veneer) or anchored to a weight bearing foundation (building veneer). Stone and mortar are porous and so water can eventually weep through these materials and cause two potential issues: damage to the substrate or

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Cement Board Substrate Saves 35% Install Time

Cement Board Substrate Saves Installation Time by 35% and Cost by 6% National Association of Home Builders Association-affiliated Home Innovation Research Labs finds that using PermaBase Cement Board as a substrate in exterior wall systems with modified veneer mortar reduces adhered stone installation time by 35 percent and total installed cost by 6 percent against

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Top 5 Stone Remodel Projects

Top 5 Stone Remodel Projects for This Year Tackling your home remodel list might feel like an impossible task. Staying up to date on current design trends is a full-time job in itself, so applying the latest style facts and figures to your to-do list can be overwhelming. If you feel like your home needs

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11 Questions to Ask a Mason Contractor

11 Questions to Ask a Mason Contractor 1. Can I see photos of your projects? Stonemasons are like artists. Each has a style and some have the ability to replicate different styles of stone installations. Ask to see photos of finished projects to make sure that the stone installation style you desire can be achieved

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Harsh Climate Approved (HCA) Natural Thin Veneer Stones

What types of thin veneer are Harsh Climate Approved? The exterior of your home, government, or commercial building faces Mother Nature’s extreme conditions every day. Depending on your location, this could mean anything from bitter cold and snow to scorching heat and hurricanes, not to mention the numerous freeze-thaw cycles that we face here in

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