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Stoneyard Showroom

Tour Showroom in Littleton, MA

David Croteau tours Thin Stone Veneer showroom in Littleton, MA. See displays of Boston Blend, Stoneyard Thin Veneer, Homestead Thin Veneer and MSI Stone Panels. Order Product Samples or Contact Us to setup an appointment in person on on the phone.

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Snow Day Thin Veneer Inside Dry Ready to Ship

As New England Nor’easter snow storm dumps over 10 inches of snow David Croteau shows the inside of Stoneyard’s 40,000 SF warehouse where our New England Thin Stone Veneer products are stored, warm and dry, ready for pickup or delivery to your job site.

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7 Ways Natural Stone is Sustainable

BY LAURA ROTE The Empire State Building, the Pentagon, the Lincoln Memorial. Polycor’s natural stone can be found on some of the most beautiful, iconic buildings in the world. But it’s not just historic buildings where you’ll find Polycor. The Canada-based company with quarries across North America and Europe has more than 1,200 employees worldwide and has brought

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101 Ways to Use a Food Slab

By: American Stonecraft We have been making Food Slabs for going on 5 years now. One of the questions we get asked most often is “What do you do with it?”. Well, as the name implies, they are certainly intended for food and you can feel confident serving and eating right off the polished, sealed, food-safe surface. However, in

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Shopping for a gift?

Check out our friends at American Stonecraft: Sustainable stones for: Decor Food Grilling From local New England farms or a place of your choice. Free Shipping on orders over $40  American Stonecraft Product Examples About American Stonecraft No two are alike, each a work of art and a slice of nature. Live edges, organic shapes;

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Most Durable Building Materials for Residential Construction

From: CADdetails Building a home or any residential area requires careful planning and meticulous building. Different materials will yield different results. No matter what homeowners are looking for, materials like wood and stone have numerous possibilities — by themselves and by combining them. These are the five most durable building materials that have withstood the

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