diamond sawed

diamond sawed

“Diamond sawed” refers to a finish achieved using a diamond-toothed circular or gang saw. This specific cutting technique is integral in many of our stone processing methods at Stoneyard.com.

Diamond sawing is an advanced technique where we utilize a circular or gang saw embedded with diamond particles on the cutting edge. Due to the incredible hardness of diamonds, these saws offer a high precision cut, which is especially valuable when working with natural stone products like ours.

Using this method, we are able to produce stone veneer panels, natural ledger stone panels, and exterior stone cladding with a finish that’s smooth, crisp, and refined. Whether you’re interested in our natural stone siding for your home’s exterior, or looking for the perfect interior stone veneer for a fireplace, you’ll find our diamond sawed products to provide an exquisite, superior finish.

Additionally, diamond sawing allows us to create a thin stone veneer, which is lighter and easier to install, yet still retains the look and feel of full-thickness stone. This means that real stone veneer installation becomes more accessible and cost-effective for you.

In essence, the term “diamond sawed” is a testament to the quality, precision, and care we put into crafting our stone products at Stoneyard.com. It’s just one of the many ways we strive to deliver the best possible product to you, our valued customer.