Boston Blend™

Boston Blend™ Thin Veneer is Harsh Climate Approved (HCA)

Boston Blend™ Thin Veneer has been subjected to numerous freeze-thaw cycles and can withstand the harshest hot, cold, or wet climates. Perfect for interior and exterior use in all regions including applications below grade. Suitable for use near salt water, water features, and in areas where blowing sand is a concern.


A mock-up is recommended to help in all design decisions including grout color, joint size (dry-laid, standard, or wide), and desired finish.


Whether for a commercial building or historical restoration, this natural building material can assist with the LEED certification. Functionally, stone will retain heat in the winter and cold in the summer, enhancing energy efficiency.


Matching 90˚ corners are available in all colors and shapes. When other angles are needed, the installation options are weaving (alternating flats) or miter cutting flat pieces to wrap the corner.