Greenwich Gray™

Greenwich Gray Can Be a Bit More Formal

Often when Greenwich Gray is split you can see bits of white and wandering veins that have a bit of a green hue. There are beautiful darker grays in conjunction with lighter grays. It is very earthy especially as a contrasting color that looks even darker when surrounded by a lighter color.

Greenwich Gray’s seam – where the stone naturally splits –  can sometimes turn brown. The brown sometimes comes from minerals that the stone absorbed as water passed over it during some ancient water event.


A mock-up is recommended to help in all design decisions including grout color, joint size (dry-laid, standard, or wide), and desired finish.


Whether for a commercial building or historical restoration, this natural building material can assist with the LEED certification. Functionally, stone will retain heat in the winter and cold in the summer, enhancing energy efficiency.


Matching 90˚ corners are available in all colors and shapes. When other angles are needed, the installation options are weaving (alternating flats) or miter cutting flat pieces to wrap the corner.