Cottage Standard Cut Travertine

Stones in photos have been field-trimmed. Depending on preference, more or less trimming may be required to achieve desired look.

Cottage Standard Cut Travertine

Cottage Standard Cut stone veneer features rectangular pieces with clean and smooth edges. Its rough textured surface creates a natural, weathered appearance with subtle tones of cream and white. It has a mix of pre-selected sizes allowing for easier installation with minimal cutting. It is often installed in a dry-stacked style, but it can be installed with a mortar joint.

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Flat Specifications

Height: 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 6.0 inch Length: 4.0-16.0 inch Thickness: 0.75-1.25 inch Weight: Less than 14 lbs per sf* Colors: White, cream Flat Packaging: 4.736 sf box

Corner Specifications

Angle: 90˚ Long End Length: 6.0 inch Short End Length: 4.0 inch Thickness: 0.75-1.25 inch Weight: Less than 14 lbs per sf Corner Packaging: 1.968 lf box

Height Percentages: 2" (8%), 3" (22%), 4" (20%), 6" (50%)

Percentages are approximate and may vary. Applies to both flats and corners.

The Cottage Standard Cut Travertine stone veneer is a unique product that showcases rectangular pieces with edges that are clean and smooth. The surface texture of the veneer is rough, giving it a natural and weathered look that is quite appealing. The veneer is subtly colored with hues of cream and white, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

The product comes in a variety of pre-selected sizes, which simplifies the installation process and minimizes the need for cutting. The veneer offers flexibility in terms of installation styles – it can be installed in a dry-stacked style for a seamless look, or with a mortar joint for a more traditional aesthetic.

The Cottage Cut Travertine Stone Veneer with Antique White Pointing Mortar is a stunning and versatile option for adding a touch of elegance to any space. Made from high-quality travertine stone, this veneer features a unique cottage cut design that adds depth and texture to walls, fireplaces, and other surfaces.

The antique white pointing mortar enhances the natural beauty of the stone veneer while providing a seamless finish. It creates an authentic look reminiscent of traditional craftsmanship.

This stone veneer is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s exterior or create a captivating feature wall in your living room, the Cottage Cut Travertine Stone Veneer with Antique White Pointing Mortar is sure to impress.

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