Charming Stone Columns for Classic Farmhouse

Applications: Columns and Arches, EntrywayLocation: Massachusetts

This classic red farmhouse has undergone a charming transformation thanks to the expert craftsmanship of RDK Construction. The key element? Stunning tapered columns featuring Stoneyard’s natural thin stone veneer in a dry-stacked layout.

Columns by RDK Construction Boston Blend Ledgestone and Ashlar
Columns by RDK Construction Boston Blend Ledgestone and Ashlar

The Boston Blend Ledgestone on the columns adds a touch of rugged texture, perfectly complementing the farmhouse’s iconic red exterior. But the real design magic happens with the integration of Boston Blend Ashlar pieces. These create a subtle visual contrast, elevating the overall look without detracting from the farmhouse’s warm, welcoming vibe.

The tapered design of the columns further enhances the farmhouse’s character. They draw the eye upwards, emphasizing the height and clean lines of the house, and creating a sense of grandeur for the inviting front porch entryway. This, along with the seamless transition to the attached barn, completes the farmhouse’s cohesive and picturesque look.

The homeowners can now enjoy cozy evenings on their porch, the stone columns framing the perfect view of the sunset. RDK Construction’s design choices have breathed new life into this classic farmhouse, creating a timeless charm that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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