Copper Door® Restaurant with New England Thin Veneer

Copper Door® Restaurant Features New England Fireplace and Stone Oven

Applications: FireplacesLocation: New Hampshire

Mark Fenske and his co-owners wanted to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for their restaurant. They knew that the right use of materials could make all the difference in achieving this goal. So, they decided on using a mix of three different products to achieve the perfect blend of colors and shapes.

The Boston Blend Ledgestone made up 70% of the mix while Ashlar accounted for only 5%. The remaining 25% was made up of Greenwich Gray Ledgestone, which created a unique look that wasn’t too modern or rustic. When customers enter the restaurant, many have used one word: “Wow.” The eye-catching fireplace adds significantly to everything from its warmth to its ambiance.

Fenske approached creating his restaurant with great care, but he didn’t stop there. He knew that an open-concept kitchen would provide insight into how food was prepared—as well as give him chef creative options—and designed it with this factor in mind.

Atop these considerations was constructing an impressive stone oven; utilizing mitered corners on 45-degree angles ensured everything appeared seamless. As such, they used precisely the same blend of colors and shapes for both their fireplace and stone oven projects alike—creating cohesive design elements across multiple focal points throughout their facility.

While it might seem challenging at first thought when drawing inspiration from different aesthetics—it is essential always picking high-quality finished materials no matter what.The final design will ultimately come together perfectly when executed correctly – taking any location’s allure up several notches through ingenuity building excellence paired with exquisite craftsmanship!

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Copper Door® Restaurant Features New England Fireplace & Stone Oven

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