Dream Home on Cayman Islands

Coastal Sand Mosaic Thin Veneer in the Cayman Islands

Applications: Columns and Arches, Outdoor Living, Pools, SidingLocation: Cayman Islands

If you were living in the Midwest and could imagine the most wonderful dream home, place it on an island paradise, and then have the opportunity and the aesthetic skills to direct the project from the first block to the final stone, that is the story of this dream home.

One of our kindest and most devoted customers shared these photos. We were honored she chose Stoneyard Coastal Sand Mosaic Thin Veneer for the flats and Costal Sand Square & Rectangular for the corners to complete the home.

Coastal Sand is a natural stone from the Northeast that looks most natural in a setting by the water. Its color blend consists of light beige, tan, light gray, blue, white, amber, brown, and red stones. Since it is from the Northeastern United States it can withstand the wind, saltwater, sand, temperature, humidity and whatever else the ocean delivers. In the western Caribbean it will withstand the heat, sun and wind without  fading or failing.

This is one of those times that we wish we lived where our stone lives on.

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Dream Home on the Cayman Islands