Fairy Tale Thatched Roof and Stone Gentleman’s Farm

Round Boston Blend New England Stone Veneer Siding and Fireplace

Applications: Fireplaces, Foundations, SidingLocation: Massachusetts

This whimsical home is reminiscent of your favorite childhood stories. It’s a unique structure nestled in a wooded area outside of Boston, MA. It features an amazing thatched roof, eyebrow dormers, white stucco, and a weathered round fieldstone siding. This home looks as if it were taken right out of a fairy tale. The stone is Boston Blend Round Thin Veneer provided by Stoneyard.com.

The entrance is enhanced by a handcrafted wood beam portico complete with benches and custom details. Matching planters accentuate the limestone-trimmed windows. This gentleman’s farm is replete with amazing landscapes and beautiful flowers. You can really see the passion of the contractor in every detail. The culmination of all his hard work and dedication has made this home into a castle fit for royalty.

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Fairy Tale Thatched Roof and Gentleman’s Farm

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