Before/After Cement Foundation to Natural Thin Veneer

Dress Up Your Cement Foundation with Stoneyard Thin Veneer

Applications: FoundationsLocation: Massachusetts

Compare the before and after photos of this new custom home foundation and chimney. Adding natural thin veneer distinguishes the home in a large development of similar homes.

The foundation of plain cement was a perfect base for this natural thin veneer. First, the foundation was exposed below grade and the cement was smoothed of all rough protrusions. Two coats of Laticrete Air & Water Barrier were applied to all cement surfaces to prevent efflorescence – water behind the stone that causes natural stones to “bleed” from salt, iron or copper either in the water or naturally occurring in the stone.  See Project in Progress photos below.

On the column footings, thin veneer corners on all exposed sides plus the Silver River granite capstones give the impression that the wooden columns are supported by the stone. The granite caps have a honed finish with rocked edges on three sides.

Stoneyard thin veneer is Harsh Climate Approved but for the other areas of your house here are some tips to Prevent and Fix Winter Damage to Your Home.

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