Natural Stone Veneer Meets Coastal New England Architecture

Applications: Chimneys, Columns and Arches, Outdoor Living, SidingLocation: Massachusetts

Coastal New England Architecture is inspired by the sea. The incorporation of a nautical color palette and natural elements like wood and stone, allow coastal homes to blend seamlessly into their environment. The strength and durability of natural stone also protects the home from the harsh winds and weather by the coast.

This Coastal New England project by CPC Masonry incorporated Boston Blend Natural Thin Stone Veneer. Natural stone veneer, often used on the exterior of the home, is a thin layer of stone that gives the appearance of solid stone construction without the weight and cost. It can withstand harsh coastal weather conditions, including high winds, salt air, and humidity, making it a practical choice for coastal homes.

CPC mixed and dry stacked our Ashlar, Ledgestone, Square and Rectangular shapes, creating a customized design for each stone feature of the house. This stone design was applied to the exterior chimney, fireplace, wood fire stove, columns, and siding of the house.The cool-toned wood siding matches the cream and gray shades of Boston Blend. Subtle beige tones in the stone veneer and large boulder next to the house create a warm contrast, resembling sandy beaches aside the cool, salty ocean water.

Perhaps one of the greatest features of this coastal home is the wooden bridge that leads from the property to the river that deposits into the Atlantic. The beauty of this bridge is that it allows you two gorgeous views: one facing the waterside and the other facing the house with its elegant natural stone features.

Natural Stone Veneer Meets Coastal New England Architecture Photo Gallery