Two Beautiful Stone Fireplaces in One Chimney

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The Dual-Faced Gem: A Unique Fireplace Design in a Wenham, Massachusetts Home

In the heart of Wenham, Massachusetts, nestled among stately, classic homes, this particular house stands apart, owing to a distinctive feature: a two-sided fireplace, one face adorning the interior and the other enhancing the home’s outdoor living space, all in the same chimney.

With a blend of aesthetics and functionality, the stone fireplaces are meticulously crafted from Oyster Bay Square & Rectangular Thin Veneer, sourced from Stoneyard®, the industry-leading provider of all-natural New England stone.

A Celebration of Elegance Indoors

Oyster Bay Sq & Rec Fireplace
Oyster Bay Sq & Rec Indoor Fireplace

Stepping inside the house, the eye is immediately drawn to the impressive indoor fireplace. The Oyster Bay Square & Rectangular Thin Veneer enhances the warm, cozy ambiance of the living room with its soft beige tones interspersed with occasional hints of grey. The veneer, with its precision-cut squares and rectangles, offers a symmetrical and balanced appeal, lending the room an air of sophistication and tranquility.

The combination of the natural stone veneer’s rustic charm and the elegant simplicity of the design creates a timeless centerpiece. It’s a space where family members huddle on chilly nights, their laughter and stories mingling with the crackle of firewood.

An Outdoor Extension of Comfort

Oyster Bay Sq & Rec Outdoor Fireplace

Shifting to the exterior of the home, the fireplace continues its journey, offering the same warmth and conviviality. The outdoor section of the fireplace, again using the Oyster Bay Square & Rectangular Thin Veneer, effortlessly complements the home’s landscaping and outdoor architectural aesthetics.

This outdoor fireplace acts as a beacon for social gatherings, with the stone veneer’s durability ensuring it stands up to the elements. Imagine spending summer evenings here, providing a captivating backdrop for alfresco dining, or hosting late-night chats with friends. The outdoor fireplace brings the indoor comfort outside, transforming the backyard into a versatile living space for every season.

The Ingenuity of Design: One Chimney, Two Fireplaces

Perhaps the most ingenious aspect of this fireplace is the shared chimney. This innovative design allows for both the indoor and outdoor fireplaces to function cohesively. Not only does this save space and materials, but it also contributes to a unified architectural narrative, emphasizing the connectivity between the home’s indoor and outdoor environments.

This unique configuration showcases the flexibility and versatility of Stoneyard’s Thin Veneer, which is light enough to be installed on vertical surfaces.

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