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Choosing Boston Blend Mosaic Siding for Upscale Resort

Applications: Foundations, SidingLocation: Massachusetts

Cape Cod is a vacation hot spot due not only to its vicinity to amazing beaches and seafood, but also because of its historic seaside charm. The Winstead Inn & Beach Resort located in Harwich, MA, is the perfect place to enjoy everything Cape Cod has to offer.

If you are lucky enough to stay in the “Commodore’s Quarters” prepare to be greeted with the soothing sounds of moving water and the rich textures of historic natural stone. This charming getaway reminds you of years past with Stoneyard® Boston Blend® Mosaic, a local natural stone that was used as cladding, on retaining walls, stair risers, and in a water feature. Corner stones were used around the top of the retaining walls and water feature to maintain the look and feel of full thickness stones.

Winstead Inn & Beach Resort created a fun retreat for its guests while maintaining a design that is true to its surroundings. The amazing patio space is the perfect place for anyone to unwind, mingle, and enjoy the day. The Boston Blend® Mosaic stone that was used has the unique ability to blend in with the natural environment. Due to its wide range of colors it is also flexible enough to allow for design changes and updates. This natural stone will truly stand the test of time for the Winstead Inn & Beach Resort.

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