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Watch Videos About Installing Stone, Methods and Tips Plus Completed Projects

Videos featuring thin stone veneer projects, installation tips and methods, and considerations when shopping for natural stone.

Thin Stone Veneer is available in MosaicLedgestoneAshlarSquare & Rectangular and Round Shapes in both Flats and Corners. Read about Mortar Joint Options and How to Install Thin Stone Veneer.

Featured Project Videos

The Mill in Gill, MA

Cambridge Blend Ledgestone Garden Shed

Building Veneer Retaining Wall as Flood Zone Barrier

Installation Videos

How to Cap Stone Veneer Columns

How to Trim Round Natural Stone Veneer

How to Layout Stone Pavers

Shopping for Stone Videos

Stoneyard Boston Blend Flat Wallstone Inventory

Stoneyard Boston Blend Round Wallstone Inventory

Stoneyard Homestead Natural Stone Thin Veneer 10 Colors in Stock

Product Overview Videos

Custom Cut Natural Stone Pub Table

Homestead Thin Veneer Steel Bay Square & Rectangular Product Tour

Stoneyard Bulk Wallstone Boston Blend New England Fieldstone Product Update

Inspiration | Videos | Projects | Visualize | Installation | Literature