Natural thin stone veneer using Boston Blend Mosaic in wine cellar

Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Natural Thin Stone Veneer by Stoneyard®

Love Natural Stone? We Do.

For people that love the look of New England fieldstone, Stoneyard® Thin Veneer is the natural thin stone veneer that architects, designers, builders, masons and homeowners use to highlight real stone on walls, foundations, chimneys, fireplaces and any other vertical areas.

Residential and commercial new construction and remodels use this real stone, made in the USA. Price competitive with man made cast stone products.

Our best-selling Boston Blend™ Thin Stone Veneer is a custom blend of stone shapes and colors found only in New England, delivered to locations throughout the USA, Canada and worldwide.

This is architectural real natural stone veneer, fieldstone veneer, and veneer stone siding. This is not faux man made stone veneer.

Harsh Climate Approved™ Natural Stone b

Stone Veneer Colors

Stone Veneer Shapes

Stone Veneer Color

Boston Blend™ Stone Veneer is a blend of natural stone colors of dark gray, white, beige, light gray, and blue, resulting from the natural colors found in New England fieldstones. Colors such as Greenwich Gray are from a single stone quarry in New England and color blends such as Vineyard Granite are from granite stone quarries in New England. Each color may be mixed with another color to push the final result towards a more gray blend or a more tan blend, for example.

Stone Veneer Shape

All stone veneer colors offer a choice of shapes. Below are the five shape choices for Boston Blend™ Stone Veneer. While most stone veneer installations are chosen to be one shape exclusively, some homeowners have their stone mason mix in a few pieces of mosaic, for example, with a predominately ashlar installation. You’ll find many examples of mixed stone veneer shapes in our stone veneer photos, where you can search by stone color, shape, and application.

Crafting Your Stone Formula

Our customers tend to be particular about their stone installation, which we’ve come to call your Stone Formula.

Most customers choose one veneer stone type, for example Boston Blend Mosaic, which is a mix of eight colors in broken ice shapes.

Others will start with Boston Blend Ledgestone and add 10% of the mosaic shape or 10% more of one of the colors to create a blend that is more gray or more tan.

Or they may use Boston Blend Mosaic on the exterior and matching Boston Blend Ashlar on the interior fireplace.

Stoneyard offers enough choices and colors, and the flexibility to build whatever you, your contractor, builder, or architect can design in natural stone. 

We Make Your Stone Veneer Project Come to Life

We encourage you to take advantage of our knowledge and knowhow after working with stone for the past 30 years. The natural thin veneer stone we cut, split or saw meets or exceeds industry standards specified for installation.

When you buy from Stoneyard, we ask the right questions so that you have enough material and the right kind of material, while making sure your order stays at the quoted price and gets delivered on or ahead of schedule. Our stone is used for Architectural Construction projects both residential and commercial throughout the United States.

Natural stone veneer from New England and the Northeast is prized throughout the U.S. for its colors and harsh-climate durability. Stoneyard ships to job sites in the U.S. and Canada.

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David Croteau Founder Stoneyard manufacturer of thin stone veneer
David Croteau, Founder

Fieldstone is a commonly used term in this business. Not all fieldstone is equal though, and it is surprisingly difficult to find good stuff. Many pallets of my lower quality stuff sat there all season last year, never attracting a new home. Quality sells itself.
—Jim, Owner
Rockland Cement Block, Rockland, MA
One couldn’t ask for an easier transaction. Shipping was fast and uneventful. The product seems perfect!
East Hampton, NH
You guys get it. Our first delivery is great. Nice product, we are very happy. Looking forward to the remaining loads.
—Stoneyard customer
Easton, MD

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