7 Ways Natural Stone is Sustainable

BY LAURA The Empire State Building, the Pentagon, the Lincoln Memorial. Polycor’s natural stone can be found on some of the most beautiful, iconic buildings in the world. But it’s not just historic…

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101 Ways to Use a Food Slab

By: American Stonecraft We have been making Food Slabs for going on 5 years now. One of the questions we get asked most often is “What do you do with it?”. Well, as…

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Shopping for a gift?

Check out our friends at American Stonecraft: Sustainable stones for: DecorFoodGrilling From local New England farms or a place of your choice. Free Shipping on orders over $40  American Stonecraft…

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Most Durable Building Materials for Residential Construction

From: CADdetails Building a home or any residential area requires careful planning and meticulous building. Different materials will yield different results. No matter what homeowners are looking for, materials like…

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How to install Thin Stone Veneer Columns

In this video David Croteau explains how Darren Blackwell of Blackwell Landscape Construction has planned and prepared for the installation of Boston Blend® Square & Rectangular flats and corners for an interior column project…

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Wellesley Country Club with Boston Blend Mosaic by JS Masonry


Your Waste Factor for Stone Veneer Installation Natural stone installation requires masonry techniques such as cutting, splitting, sorting, and trimming stones to fit the desired finished area. The amount of…

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Calculating Quantity for Stone Veneer Projects

When working with natural stone, some cutting, splitting, and trimming is required to get the stones to fit together in the desired fashion. How closely you would like the stones…

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Greenwich Gray Sq & Rec Mock Up

Natural Stone Mock Up

Natural Stone Mock Up with Greenwich Gray

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Block Island Boston Blend Round

Block Island Fireplace and Chimney Boston Blend Round

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Boston Blend Mosaic DIY Roger Parker Lake Winnie Cottage

Boston Blend Mosaic DIY Parker Lake Winnie Cottage

DIY Cottage Boston Blend Mosaic Boston Blend Mosaic DIY Roger Parker Lake Winnie Cottage Boston Blend Mosaic DIY Roger Parker Lake Winnie Cottage Hi Dave, Thanks to everyone at Stoneyard…

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Russo Boston Blend Round Stoneyard MO

Russo Boston Blend Round Missouri Home Cladding

Russo Boston Blend Round Stoneyard MO Boston Blend Round Work In Progress Thank you for sharing with us Russo Construction CompanySaint Louis, Missouri Boston Blend Round Thin Veneer Siding…

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