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153 Gardner Rd., Hubbardston, MA 01452
Jeremy Young
Contractor: Certified Stone Installer
Commercial, Exterior, Interior, Residential

Art has the power to transform a space. It can transport the viewer to a different time, capturing the classic beauty of a room. When we look upon it, we see both meaning and beauty.

Stonecraft is an art you experience not simply with your eyes, but it is art you can touch. Art you can live within. A stone fireplace, accent wall, or stairs will tell a story about your home without a single word. It can redefine your home, impressing and evoking powerful emotions inside each guest. As you gather around these pieces of art with friends and family, they set the tone for the memories to come.

Jeremy Young and Unmistaken Stonecraft create custom stone artwork with your story in mind. With years of experience, and a network of resources to obtain the highest quality new and reclaimed stone, wood, and other materials, Jeremy can add value and luxury to your property.

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