Sample Boards

You can order a sample of any thin veneer or stone panel product.

Thin Veneer Sample Board

Every thin veneer product is available as a sample. To order a sample, choose any thin veneer color and shape. Stone samples are affixed to a sturdy board. Color and shape are clearly marked. 

Sample Board Package

A representative number of sample stones may be shipped loose depending on the best way to accurately view the product.

Data Sheet

The corresponding product data sheet is included with each sample order. The data sheet details product specifications, installation details, flat and corner sizes, color(s), shipping sizes, and applications.

Manufacturer and Distributor of Boston Blend® Thin Veneer

Boston Blend Ledgestone close up product

Boston Blend® Thin Veneer

Stoneyard Boston Blend® Thin Stone Veneer is the natural stone blend that architects, builders and masons specify and recommend for vertical projects. 

8 Colors / 5 Shapes

Whether you want one color, a mix of colors, or a custom mix of colors and shapes, with Boston Blend® the choice is yours. We call this the Stone Formula.

A Smart Choice

Homeowners choose Boston Blend® for the variety of gray and tan colors that will match today…and still match when changes are made in the future.

Order Samples

You can order samples for most products directly from their product page.