On-Site Thin Stone Veneer Installation

We have an exciting on-site thin stone veneer installation happening at Stoneyard in Littleton, MA. With the help of JS Masonry, a professional mason and Stoneyard Certified Thin Stone Veneer Installer, we are installing three different shapes of Boston Blend to the foundation of our sales trailer. This project will feature our Boston Blend Ashlar, Mosaic, and Square and Rectangular natural thin stone veneer. 

Stoneyard Sales Trailer Foundation
Stoneyard Sales Trailer Foundation

Preparing the Surface for Thin Stone Veneer Installation

Over the course of a few weeks we began the first stages of thin stone veneer installation. First, cement board was installed at the foundation of the trailer. After, David and Brian from Stoneyard started to prepare the surface by taping the joints on the cement board and filling them with Laticrete MVIS Hi-Bond Veneer Mortar. During this process, they also covered the screw holes in the cement board with the mortar to ensure an even surface. Once the mortar was dry, Brian began to apply two coats of Laticrete Air and Water Barrier to a part of the surface.

Mudding Joints JS Masonry
Mudding Joints JS Masonry

JS Masonry Installing Boston Blend Ashlar

JS Masonry came in this past week to continue the work that David and Brian began. Juliano and his team prepared the rest of the surface following the same steps as above. Then, they began the process of installing Boston Blend Ashlar to the left side of the trailer foundation. Boston Blend Ashlar is a ledgestone veneer with a roughly rectangular shape that ranges in height from 3 to 7 inches. First, JS Masonry installed corner pieces and then filled in the rest of the foundation with carefully selected and trimmed pieces of Boston Blend Ashlar. The stone was secured to the cement board using Laticrete Hi-Bond Veneer Mortar. 

We are excited to see the progress of this project over the next few weeks. The natural thin stone veneer has already elevated the foundation of the trailer. Soon visiting customers will be able to see the differences in the shapes of Boston Blend in a real life application.

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