Planning A Stone Project

Heater by Iron Hammer Stoneworks - Boston Blend Mosaic

Natural Stone Heaters for Your Home

Cooler temperatures call for a warmer home. Looking for a stylish alternative to a convection or forced air heating system? A natural stone heater may be just what you are…

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Bathroom by Landscape Solutions Boston Blend Round and Mosaic

Natural Stone Bathroom Inspiration and Cleaning

Using Stoneyard Natural Thin Stone Veneer Wishing your bathroom can feel like you’re stepping into a spa? Natural stone veneer is the key to transforming that space into a peaceful…

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Natural Stone Kitchens

Design a Dining Experience that is Uniquely Yours Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the connection between nature and your home: where you prepare fresh vegetables, herbs,…

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01Rustic Stone Lakehouse JEC Garden 01 BB Flagging

Natural Rustic Stone Lake house

Founder’s Featured Project Stoneyard Founder, John Croteau wished to bring his New Hampshire lake house to life with natural stone features. He dreamed of a rustic farmhouse aesthetic – which…

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Greenwich Gray Ledgestone - Ridgeview Bank Smith Mountain by G&H Contracting and Thompson Masonry

Natural Stone Foundations Support New Ridgeview Banks Design’s Greenwich Gray Natural Stone Veneer is featured in two new branches of Ridgeview Bank in Virginia.  LITTLETON, MA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2023/ – is delighted to announce…

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Add Warmth to Fall Evenings with Natural Stone

A Must-Have For Your Next Outdoor Gathering As the cooler fall temperatures begin to creep in, many of us begin to retreat indoors, bidding farewell to the warm summer nights…

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Stoneyard’s Easy-to-Use Dealer Locator: A Review

Discover Stoneyard’s premier dealers with our dealer locator. Find top-quality stone products nearby for a superior customer experience.

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Exploring the Benefits and Applications of Thin Stone Veneer

Discover the advantages and diverse uses of Thin Stone Veneer, a top-quality natural choice for homes and architecture.

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Discovering the Unmatched Beauty of Natural Stone Veneer

Unearth the beauty of natural stone veneer. Dive into its production, durability, and how it can transform your high-end home or architectural design.

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faux vs natural stone veneer

An In-Depth Look at Faux and Natural Stone Veneer

At, we have a deep appreciation for the beauty and versatility of stone veneers. We understand that our customers often question the differences between faux stone veneer and natural…

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Key Questions to Ask Your Stonemason About Stone Veneer

Expert tips for your stone veneer project. Ask key questions about installation, costs, and maintenance to your stonemason. Enhance your results.

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Before & After Boston Blend Round & Jumbo Boston Blend Mosaic Venades Masonry

Stone Veneer Siding Before and After: A Transformation Guide

Explore the transformation of homes with our guide on stone veneer siding before and after, showcasing its aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.

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