Wallstone is Fieldstone Suitable for Vertical Stacking

All of our wallstone products feature a historic patina (weathered face). It is broadly sorted into these categories:

  • THIN Wallstone is available palletized
  • FLAT Wallstone is available bulk or palletized
  • ROUND Wallstone is available bulk or palletized

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Natural New England Wallstone is available in several different colors in bulk and palletized.

  • Boston Blend
  • Greenwich Gray
  • Coastal Sand
  • Newport Mist
  • Portsmouth Granite
  • Pennsylvania Fieldstone
  • Vineyard Granite

Available Flat or Round. Thin, Regular and Large.

FLAT WALLSTONE is made from New England fieldstone. A good piece of flat wallstone has a flat surface on the top and bottom, and (in the case of “flats”) a perpendicular angle from the side to the top. It has a flat top and bottom to make it easy for stacking. The face of wallstone is on the side of the stone.

ROUND WALLSTONE is a little different because it can sometimes be similar to stacking bowling balls. A good piece of round wallstone would be a bowling ball that got melted flat on the top and the bottom.

Use our Wallstone Calculator to determine the quantity you’ll need.

Installation Tips and Video: How to Install a Dry-Laid Fieldstone Wall

NOTE: Often times our veneer stone is a more cost effective and more aesthetically material for wall construction, particularly one sided retaining walls. Learn more about thin veneer.