Boston Blend Thin Wallstone

Boston Blend Thin Wallstone

Boston Blend Thin Wallstone is New England fieldstone suitable for vertical stacking. All of our wallstone products feature a historic patina (weathered face). $400 /ton palletized (~1.5 ton /PLT) Pick up in Littleton, MA or call for delivery options.

See our pricing page, call 800.231.2200 for pricing on your project or request a quote:


Boston Blend Flat THIN ranges 1″-4″ in thickness. It is available only in approximately 1.5 ton pallets.

THIN Wallstone: 1″-4″ thick. Palletized in 1.5 TON pallets.

For additional information about this product, please CONTACT US or call 978-742-9800 to speak with a stone specialist today.



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