At Stoneyard, we specialize in providing high-quality natural thin stone veneers for both interior and exterior projects. Our products are made from real stones, including quarried and reclaimed weathered natural stones like New England Fieldstone, that have been cut thin (1 inch thick) and weigh less than 14 lbs/sf. 

Our exterior natural thin stone veneers can enhance curb appeal or add rustic charm to outdoor living spaces with minimal maintenance required. Interior natural thin stone brings the beauty of nature indoors, creating stunning focal points around fireplaces or accent walls without needing painting or upkeep like traditional masonry options.

Stone veneer siding offers many choices for color, shape, and size to achieve desired designs in both indoor and outdoor applications that can match in texture, color and shape. Stone veneer adds value to homes by offering unique customization options while being cost-effective durable long-lasting beautiful construction material perfect for residential or commercial projects alike.

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