Heater by Iron Hammer Stoneworks - Boston Blend Mosaic

Natural Stone Heaters for Your Home

Cooler temperatures call for a warmer home. Looking for a stylish alternative to a convection or forced air heating system? A natural stone heater may be just what you are…

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Bathroom by Landscape Solutions Boston Blend Round and Mosaic

Natural Stone Bathroom Inspiration and Cleaning

Using Stoneyard Natural Thin Stone Veneer Wishing your bathroom can feel like you’re stepping into a spa? Natural stone veneer is the key to transforming that space into a peaceful…

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Add Warmth to Fall Evenings with Natural Stone

A Must-Have For Your Next Outdoor Gathering As the cooler fall temperatures begin to creep in, many of us begin to retreat indoors, bidding farewell to the warm summer nights…

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See How Boston Blend Round CORNERS are cut from new england fieldstone.

https://youtu.be/R6gqSp6z5Pk Stoneyard’s David Croteau Explains how Boston Blend Round Thin Stone Veneer Corners are Cut from large pieces of Select Round New England Fieldstone Order Samples

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Block Island Boston Blend Round

Block Island Fireplace and Chimney Boston Blend Round

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