Which Stone Veneers Come In Panels?

Stone Veneer stacked stone panels for easier installation.

We have 2 options for real stone veneer panels: Cambridge Blend and Greenfield Gray. Both are natural stone panels for interior and exterior installation.

Stone veneer panels can be ordered in flat and corners, and installed outside on a retaining wall, as shown here, or on any exterior wall as stone siding, as entryway step risers, in outdoor kitchens, and on interior spaces such as fireplaces, accent walls, and under kitchen islands (see photos below).

The finished look is referred to as dry-stack or dry-stacked stone, with no mortar showing between the stones. Below are examples of interlocking panels and corners used as stone veneer siding.

Cambridge Blend Stone Veneer Panels consists of a wide range of colors including beige, white, gray, red, and more.
Greenfield Gray Stone Veneer Panels consists of dark gray, white, and black colors.

Shop Natural Stone Panels and Stacked Stone Veneer

You or your stonemason can create professionally installed natural stone surfaces in a fraction of the time of traditional veneer systems. Stone panels are one of the easiest installation processes. These panels interlock to hide the joints and create a seamless look.

These veneer stone panels will be set into mortar and each panel is shaped so they can be assembled quickly on any masonry surface.

Full Flats Size: 23.5″ x 8″ x 1.25″ Packaging: 2.28 SF Bundle (2 pcs @ 1.14 SF each), 118 SF (52 bundles/104 pcs) per plt 

Half Flats Size: 23.5″ x 4″ x 1.25″ Packaging: 1.125 SF Bundle (2 pcs @ 0.5625 SF each), 59 SF (52 bundles/104 pcs) per plt 

Corners Size: 13.25″ / 7.25″ x 8″ x 1.25″ Packaging: 0.67 LF per pc, 34 LF (54 pcs) per plt 

Ready-made corner pieces are easy to install and provide the finished appearance of a natural stacked-stone masonry wall.

In the video below, David Croteau shows how these stone veneer panels interlock.

Natural Stone Veneer Panels Installed

As you can see, interlocking stone panels look like natural individual veneer stones when installed.

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