Natural Stone Veneer Can Be Installed To Grade

A customer writes:

“Can this product be installed on concrete backer board / or on a concrete foundation wall all the way to grade, or does it have to be held 8″ above grade?”

Yes, all Stoneyard natural thin veneer can be installed at grade level, either on backer board or attached to a concrete foundation.

We have a lot of people install the material all the way to grade on a clean foundation. The installation method that we recommend, Laticrete MVIS (Masonry Veneer Installation System), is guaranteed for 25 years at 4 inches above grade.

Contact Laticrete for MVIS Mortar installation questions at 800.243.4788 x1235

Stoneyard Thin Stone Veneer is cut and split from native stones that have spent thousands of years in the ground or at ground level.

See examples of natural stone veneer installed at grade level.Note that faux stone veneer, made from cement (not sold by Stoneyard), cannot be installed at grade level

Stoneyard only handcrafts natural stone veneer made from real stone.

Below are examples of natural stone veneer installed to grade.

Regarding the question of concrete backer board, here is information about which cement backer board to use:

The National Association of Home Builders Association-affiliated Home Innovation Research Labs finds that using PermaBase Cement Board as a substrate in exterior wall systems with modified veneer mortar reduces adhered stone installation time by 35 percent and total installed cost by 6 percent against traditional lath-and-cement mortar base alternatives.

Natural Stone Veneer Products

All Stoneyard thin veneer can be installed to grade. The stone shapes in the above examples can be found below:

Thin Stone Veneer is available in MosaicLedgestoneAshlarSquare & Rectangular and Round Shapes in both Flats and Corners.
Read about Mortar Joint Options and How to Install Thin Stone Veneer.

Natural Stone Calculators

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