Flat Wallstone New England Fieldstone

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Stoneyard in Littleton, MA has tons of flat New England fieldstone wallstone at a discounted price.

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Build retaining or free standing stone walls with this all natural stone from the farms and fields of New England.

FLAT WALLSTONE is made from New England fieldstone. A good piece of flat wallstone has a flat surface on the top and bottom, and (in the case of “flats”) a perpendicular angle from the side to the top. It has a flat top and bottom to make it easy for stacking. The face of wallstone is on the side of the stone.

Use our Wallstone Calculator to determine the quantity you’ll need.

Installation Tips and Video: How to Install a Dry-Laid Fieldstone Wall

NOTE: Often times our veneer stone is a more cost effective and more aesthetically material for wall construction, particularly one sided retaining walls.

Learn more about thin veneer.

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