Fireplace with 45° Corners? Don’t Do This!

Faux stone fireplace with 45° corner.

“Hi. Do any of your stone siding products have a 22.5° angle? Have a corner fireplace application with a 45° return (not 90°), looking to avoid this look. This photo was from a local fireplace shop and looks terrible.”

Thanks, Ray

We recommend mitered or weaved corners for fireplaces with 45° corners. David Croteau explains the method below.

45° Corners: Miter Cut vs. Weaving

A commonly asked question is how do you handle a 45°/125° angled corner? There are 2 methods that can be used, miter cutting stones or weaving. Both are installed using flat material and are pictured below. When installing either option, be sure to alternate long and short pieces of stone on each side of the corner. That way, it will look more natural than if it was stacked.

Learn more about corners and see 45° corner examples here:

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