Texture in Modern Design

With Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Thin stone veneer offers a unique way to add texture to a modern design. Natural stone blends well with the more neutral color palette often used in contemporary aesthetics. With the use of clean lines and minimalism, a modern design relies on natural materials for layering to ensure that the overall appearance of a room is visually interesting.

The Appeal of Texture in Modern Design

 What are the elements of modern design? We often find contemporary homes or buildings feature clean, straight lines, minimalism, and neutral color palettes. It’s about elevating a blank canvas with the less is more approach. You won’t often find modern designs with bold colors or prints or a room filled with a lot of furniture and knick knacks.

Because of this “less is more” approach, modern design needs texture to prevent a room from appearing flat or stark. Texture can add depth and dimension to a room while also creating a feeling of warmth. Nature and texture go hand and hand. Natural stone, wood, wool, and woven material are all common examples of natural textures used in modern design. 

Staircase Cottage Standard Cut
Staircase Cottage Standard Cut

Nature’s Touch: Thin Stone Veneer in Modern Design

Thin stone veneer is a practical and versatile way to incorporate texture into a design. Our thin stone veneer collection ranges in color from warm beiges to cool-toned grays or even black. With this variety of color, you are bound to find a stone to match the colorscape of your design. Natural stone veneer also comes in a variety of shapes: round, square and rectangular, mosaic, ledgestone, and ashlar. Each shape provides its own unique texture.

The benefit of using natural thin stone veneer over building veneer is its ease of use and installation. Thin stone veneer is lighter, weighing 14 lbs or less, which means it can easily adhere to any structurally sound wall. Although thin veneer is lighter in weight, you still get the same high quality stone as building veneer. Therefore, you can anticipate a durable, long lasting addition to your modern design.

Exploring Textural Applications with Thin Stone Veneer

The fun part about adding texture with natural stone veneer is choosing an application. Here are some creative ways you can add texture to your modern design: 

Accent Walls

Create a focal point with a textured stone feature wall behind a sofa, bed, or fireplace.

Accent Wall – Coastal Sand Ledgestone and Ashlar


Elevate the fireplace with a natural stone that adds a touch of rustic elegance to any modern design.

Oyster Bay Sq & Rec Fireplace
Oyster Bay Sq & Rec Fireplace

Kitchen Backsplashes

Introduce a modern organic element with a textured stone backsplash.

Kitchen Backsplash by Unmistaken Stonecraft – Boston Blend Ledgestone, Ashlar, and Mosaic


Turn your shower or bath into a spa retreat with natural stone veneer.

Bathroom by Landscape Solutions Boston Blend Round and Mosaic
Bathroom by Landscape Solutions Boston Blend Round and Mosaic

Choosing Thin Stone Veneer for your Modern Design

In conclusion, texture plays a vital role in modern design, adding depth, dimension, and warmth that can easily balance out clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. Thin stone veneer emerges as a unique and versatile tool for achieving this textural balance in your modern space. With its natural variations and undeniable character, it can breathe new life into any design. 

Interior Wall Cottage Standard Cut
Interior Wall Cottage Standard Cut

Ready to unleash the textural potential of thin stone veneer in your next project?

Explore our vast collection of thin stone veneer and discover how this innovative material can transform your modern space.

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