Using Gray Stone Veneer Siding to Add Texture and Dimension to Your Home’s Facade: 12 Design Ideas

Modern gray stone veneer siding is easy to work with and it creates exceptional results. Whether adding an accent wall or creating a coverall design, gray stone veneer siding can add texture and dimension to your home – not to mention immediate charm.

Working with Modern Gray Stone Veneer Siding


Using stone veneer as siding is a fantastic alternative for homes with a wood frame or other structure. It’s lightweight, easy to apply, and achieves an amazing finished look that gives the appearance of full stone wall construction. Stone veneers are simply the best, most practical approach to crafting a stone style exterior in a flash.

Gray continues to be a stellar choice, by expressing a steadfast aesthetic that exudes sophistication and natural charm. There are many styles of gray stone veneer siding, including variations in tone, shape, and texture. These options provide a plethora of choice and flexibility so you can create the design of your dreams.

12 Ideas for Exterior Gray Stone Veneer Siding


From accent walls to full-blown stone style exteriors, these homes showcase the range of design possibilities when outfitting a house with gray stone veneer siding:

1. Square and Rectangular Stone


The square and rectangular Oyster Bay™ stone used throughout the front wall of this exterior mirrors the linear design components of the home, and complements the symmetrical architecture. The result? Beautiful balance and a mature appearance.

2. Entryway Accent


Stone veneer is well adapted for adding to specific segments of the exterior. This home features Boston Blend™ Ashlar stone, which has a particularly rugged texture that creates a gorgeous visual effect by drawing attention to the midline of the home, which centers around the entryway.

3. Soothing Neutral Tones


Hints of beige and blue can be found in this exterior gray stone veneer siding, which creates a soothing appearance that pairs well with the white trim. Notice how the square and rectangular shapes make a subtle appearance in the Oyster Bay™ color.

4. Lower Level Accents


This exterior demonstrates another style possible with Oyster Bay™ square and rectangular stone, that focuses on the bottom column and lower level to achieve an accented effect. This addition harmonizes well with the white lap and brings immediate character to the exterior.

5. Powerful Aesthetic


Showcasing immense power and a stately appearance, Monadnock Precision Cut stone achieves the desired effect for this home. Full siding approaches like this are best for making a bold statement.

6. Cottage Style Charm


Rounded stones tend to bring coastal bungalows and cottages to mind, so they’re perfect for creating charming exteriors. This home features Steel Bay Mosaic, which offers variegated color with hints of beige and various shades of gray.

7. Instant Dimension for Ranch Homes


Simple and streamlined architecture – like classic ranch houses – can get a boost by adding gray stone veneer siding to a distinct segment of the exterior. Flint Cove Stacked Stone is a fantastic choice for this design strategy, as it features rectangular shapes with rounded edges to strike an attractive balance.

8. Stone Skirting


Gray stone veneer siding creates a feeling of stability and strength when used as skirting – but it also enhances the visual appearance of the building overall! With irregular shapes and gorgeous gray tones, Oyster Bay™ Ashlar is the perfect touch of texture and color for this plain exterior wall.

9. Gray Stone Highlights


Notice the subtle highlights found naturally in Greenwich Gray™ Ashlar veneer. Dialing up the overall texture of the exterior wall, this stacked stone style adds a sophisticated appearance to the building.

10. Playing with Shape


Experimenting with shape can lead to an unforgettable design, as seen in this front entryway. Vineyard Granite™ Mosaic stone veneer brings a flurry of curves and lines that play off the square and rectangular floor tiling. A half-moon step further emphasizes the playful design approach.

11. Stone Veneer Chimney


Chimneys are the perfect place for adding texture and color to contrast with the rest of the exterior. This home features Greenwich Gray™ Mosaic veneer, which uses a dynamic combination of sharp edges and irregular lines to add energy and a rustic aesthetic.

12. Matching Stone Accents


Gray stone veneer siding can be used in various areas to create an accented effect that still feels fresh. This home has Boston Blend™ Round stone veneers on the column bases, first-level bump-out, and smokestack for a cohesive design with instant charm.

Work with the Best When Building and Designing with Gray Stone Veneer


Ready to add texture and dimension to your home with modern gray stone veneer siding? Contact Stoneyard® today and an experienced member of our team will help you find the perfect material for your project.


Gray stone veneer siding can enhance the appearance of a house and increase its resale value. The benefits of using grey stone, including low maintenance and durability, make it a popular option for homeowners. Stoneyard offer several choices for natural stones such as granite or fieldstone that can be customized to fit different design aesthetics. Proper installation by a skilled mason is crucial in preparing surfaces, applying moisture barrier, adhering the stones with mortar or adhesive and adding finishing touches like grout or caulk to maximize longevity. Gray stone veneer siding is versatile enough to suit various architectural styles from modern to traditional ones making it ideal both residential homes as well as commercial applications such as office buildings/hotels.


Gray stone materials are also beneficial in sustainable development as they have lower carbon-emitting properties compared to synthetic alternatives; hence lesser harm done ​​to the environment during production processes. Maintaining the gray stone exteriors requires minimal upkeep through occasional washing with soap water or pressure cleaning on an “as-needed” basis without causing any significant damage over time. Overall, whether you’re looking towards sprucing up your home’s curb appeal while increasing its resale value whilst being environmentally responsible simultaneously gray-stone exteriors should part of top options consideration list when considering outdoor improvement ideas



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