Can I Install Stone Veneer Around My Gas Fireplace?

Yes, a new or existing gas fireplace can be transformed into a natural stone focal point for your living room, family room or bedroom, wherever you use natural gas or propane fireplaces to supplement the heat in your home.

How to Add Stone Veneer to A Gas Fireplace

Stone veneer is commonly referred to as thin veneer – it is natural stone cut thin to 1″ depth.

Here is a 3 minute time-lapse video on how to add thin veneer to a gas fireplace.

  • Always start your install with stone veneer corners, starting from the bottom up.
  • Weave the short and long ends of the corners, in other words don’t do this. Alternate lengths and blend the stone colors, don’t put all of one color together.
  • Lay out the stones on the floor first to find the perfect blend of colors, and keep mixing up the stone colors throughout the project.
  • Prep and trim each stone prior to installation if necessary. Start by finding and laying out stones of similar height.
  • If you want to dry-fit the stone veneer, meaning that you will not be able to see any mortar between the stone edges, add the bonding mortar to the back wall first to avoid seeing the cement board behind the stones.
  • Try to keep the courses level (no rollercoaster effect) and break where the seams meet. A seam should not be longer than 3 – 5 courses.
  • When finished, clean your newly installed stone veneer with water and a brush, but avoid stone cleaners with muraitic acid
  • Enjoy your “new” natural stone gas fireplace!
  • Need an experienced installer? Find a stone veneer installer near me

Examples of gas fireplaces completed with Stoneyard Natural Stone Veneer

What if My Gas Fireplace is Metal?

If your gas fireplace has a metal surround, here is how to adhere the stone veneer to metal. David Croteau of Stoneyard shows you the right stone epoxy to use.

How to Calculate The RIght Amount of Stone Veneer for Your Gas Fireplace Surround

Use our Square Foot Calculator and Stone Veneer Calculator to calculate the right amount of both stone veneer flats and stone veneer corners for your gas fireplace project.

Stone Veneer

Calculate the amount of thin veneer flats and corners needed for your project.

Pebble Coverage Calculator

Calculate the number of bags needed by entering depth, length and width.

Square Foot

Calculate the square footage of material needed by entering length and width.


Calculate the amount of wallstone material needed by entering depth, length and height.


Use this calculator to determine how many pieces are needed for your project.

Stone Slab Weight Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate
the weight of a slab of stone.

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