The Timeless Elegance of Stone Veneer for Modern Fireplace Design: 27 Design Ideas

Sophisticated, rustic, relaxed – modern stone fireplaces have the ability to set the tone for the entire room and serve as a stunning focal point. Today, using stone veneer is the preferred method for creating a functional and beautiful fireplace design in a flash.

When crafting a modern stone veneer fireplace, texture, hue, and layout can be modified to achieve different aesthetics, so you’ll want to be attuned to the various options available. Each type of stone veneer expresses a distinct identity and feel, making it fun and exciting to design your own modern fireplace with stone. 

Not sure where to start? This article shares several different modern stone fireplace ideas. Using stone veneer panels, these iconic styles can be recreated so you can enjoy an elegant living space for many years to come. Take a look and find your favorite!

27 Amazing Stone Veneer Fireplace Examples from Stoneyard®

1. Oak Wood and Mosaic Stone

For a classic lodge interior, this living room features unfinished oak beams along the walls and ceiling. This interior design utilizes a strong color choice, like Boston Blend™ gray, to achieve the perfect contrast to break up the pale oak. The mosaic stone shape mimics the natural lodge aesthetic.

2. Modern Stone Patchwork

Stoneyard Colonial Tan Square & Rec FIreplace by Collier Masonry

Square and rectangular stones create an exhilarating patchwork for this fireplace, by channeling traditional geometry that has been translated into a modern aesthetic. The pale Colonial Tan™ colorway provides a gorgeous beige and tan palette that feels contemporary against the lavender walls and white trim.

3. Playing with Lines and Angles

Stoneyard Boston Blend Square & Rec FIreplace by Collier Masonry

This fireplace catches the eye, because it features the dynamic color of Boston Blend with an irregular pattern of square and rectangular stones. The asymmetrical ceiling line dials up the energy, and achieves a modern feel that’s embellished with unexpected angles.

4. Rustic Homestead

Sage green walls and oak trim pair beautifully with the natural gray and beige tones found in the Boston Blend™ Ledgestone that decks this contemporary fireplace. Notice the smooth step in front of the hearth and the minimalistic design of the firebox.

5. Soothing Neutrals

Neutral colors feel crisp and modern no matter the design, but the variegated color of Boston Blend™ Ashlar brings this fresh feel to another level. The texture is tangible and it adds instant dimension to the interior space.

6. Strength and Power

Talk about making a statement! This fireplace features Shadow Mountain Rustic Ashlar for a striking depth of color that still feels contemporary against the white walls. The long line of this fireplace further emphasizes the symbolic strength of the design.

7. Rustic Details Elevated

Staggered Boston Blend™ Square and Rectangular stones bring immediate texture and a rustic quality to this fireplace, as does the massive stone slab in front of the hearth and wood mantle. Surrounded by crisp white shelving and the decorative shape of the firebox – easily achievable with custom stone veneer – this rustic design is elevated for a timeless taste of elegance.

8. Modern Take on Black and White

Stoneyard Cottage Standard Cut Fireplace by Daskalos

The best modern stone fireplace ideas take into account various decor features from the entire room, as seen here. The bold black chandelier and cross beams look amazing against the off-white walls, and the Cottage Standard Cut stone brings gorgeous texture and color variation without veering too far from the palette.

9. Greenwich Gray™ Fireplace

This Greenwich Gray™ fireplace was designed by Hanlon Stone using a Mosaic style, which feels effortless and natural in this modern home. The grey color adds depth to the design, so the modern stone veneer fireplace feels both grounded and elegant.

10. Contemporary Color

This is one of many different mosaic stone fireplace ideas with a modern colorway. Colonial Tan™ Mosaic provides various beige tones to help offset the bold teal color of the cabinets and trim. The rounded stones and mosaic layout mirror the playful feel of this room.

11. Wood Block Mantle and Ledges

In both color and texture, the natural wood beam used as a mantle contrasts beautifully with the Boston Blend™ Ashlar stone that decorates the fireplace. This aesthetic is drawn out with two similar beams placed above the doorways that offset the extended height of the modern stone fireplace.

12. Exaggerated Grooves and Texture

Newport Mist Mosaic stone delivers an array of cool tones in beige and grey hues. What’s unique and wonderful about this modern stone veneer fireplace is the web of exaggerated grooves that bring distinct texture to the appearance of the mosaic layout.

13. Contemporary Boston Blend Ledge

Boston Blend Ledgestone veneer delivers a fairly regular layout of rectangular stones with somewhat rough edges. This dynamic style dials up the texture of the design, while the color is easy to pair with cream, beige, and tan decor.

14. Blue Tones

Cool blue is a staple in modern design. Cambridge Blend™ stone veneer panels capture the allure of this elegant colorway, by blending grey, blue, and beige tones in a way that feels fresh and elegant.

15. Custom Hearth Design

The custom pendant added to this fireplace creates a striking detail against the Boston Blend Ashlar stone, with the rounded shape adding intrigue to the mosaic layout of square, rectangular, and irregular pieces. One of the advantages of working with modern stone veneer for fireplaces is that panels can be easily modified to accommodate for unique shapes and personalized touches, like this personalized pendant.

16. Large Round Mosaic Stones

Using rounded stones in a mosaic layout can be a great way to soften a rustic interior and create a more relaxed ambiance. The light tone of the Boston Blend™ Round stone colorway brightens the room considerably – great for chalets that benefit from more natural light.

17. Prominent Shadow Lines

Steel Bay Stacked Stone has exceptional texture, thanks to its rough surface and dynamic arrangement of rectangular stones. This dials up the shadow lines cast across the front of the fireplace and creates a fantastic visual effect that plays with the light.

18. Grey Stone with Black Firebox

Classic color contrast is key in modern designs. The bold black ledge and firebox add clean, elegant contrast to the dynamic grey tones found throughout this Hudson Valley Rustic Ashlar fireplace design. The tapered top also works well with the square and rectangular stone shapes.

19. Laidback Light and Color

This room is filled with natural light, which emphasizes the beautiful highlights found in this Boston Blend™ Mosaic stone fireplace. Soothing beige, light grey, and blue tones with a textured surface pair well with the light-colored oak ceiling beams and wood flooring. All of these elements work together to create an atmosphere that feels relaxed and cozy.

20. Classic Log Cabin Fireplace

This modern fireplace with stone and wood elements has a timeless allure to it, by calling on classic cabin decor to add distinct personality. The rounded log beams and staggered, custom stonework establish an instant connection with nature for a recognizable aesthetic that never gets old.

21. Lofty Heights

When working with large spaces and high ceilings, variegated color can be a huge help.. Notice how the Boston Blend™ Ashlar stone of this beautiful fireplace features a spattering of easy color variation that draws the eye upwards and blends with the ceiling beams, to express a similar tone. Dark wood along the mantle and surrounding walls helps ground the light colors and create easy harmony for a modern feel.

22. Exterior Stone Smokestack

The bold color variation of the Boston Blend™ Ashlar stone chimney adds an exceptional detail to the exterior of this house which creates a gorgeous contrast with the white lap siding. Plus, the reddish-brown tones of the stone veneer act as a callback to the silo on the opposite side of the structure.

23. Smooth Surface, Intricate Pattern

Unmistaken Stonecraft utilized Boston Blend Mosaic™ to design this fireplace that has a smooth surface that’s broken up by distinct ridges. This layout and color variation adds dynamic energy that feels fresh and fun. 

Complemented nicely by the teal blue walls and dark wood flooring, this is one of those unforgettable stone fireplace ideas with a modern twist that can be achieved in any home.

24. Centerpiece Lighting

Recessed lighting creates a spotlight effect for this modern stone veneer fireplace, which makes the Newport Mist™ Square and Rectangular stones even more striking. Simple decor and a pop of color makes this modern fireplace the clear focal point of the room.

25. Rustic Wood Stove

Rustic Vineyard Granite™ Ledgestone provides the perfect backdrop for this antique wood stove, which is set within a recessed nook in the wall. Blending frontier-inspired aesthetics with modern details, this stone veneer fireplace scene has undeniable character.

26. Natural Stone Hearth

Outfitted with a striking slab at the hearth, this modern stone fireplace design demonstrates how to complement a statement piece correctly. The light beige Cedar Falls Stacked Stone veneer surrounding the hearth successfully complements it in color and texture, without stealing the spotlight away from the main act: the natural stone hearth itself.

27. Creating a Corner Fireplace

With a distinct design that features the firebox set on the corner, this modern fireplace required a material that could work around the angles and create a seamless appearance. The Boston Blend™ Round stones are arranged in a mosaic layout with mitered edges to provide the perfect solution!

Design and Implement a Truly Modern Stone Veneer Fireplace with Stoneyard®

Ready to craft your own modern stone fireplace? Contact Stoneyard® today and an experienced member of our team will help you find the perfect material for your fireplace project.

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