Natural Stone Kitchens

Design a Dining Experience that is Uniquely Yours

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the connection between nature and your home: where you prepare fresh vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients for a family meal. You want your kitchen to reflect who you are. Adding natural stone veneer to your kitchen’s design is the perfect way to design a dining experience that is uniquely yours.

Stoneyard Boston Blend Mosaic and Square & Rec Rustic Luxury Home
Stoneyard Boston Blend Mosaic and Square & Rec Rustic Luxury Home

Why Natural Stone Veneer?

Natural stone is created by nature and therefore built to endure all elements such as heat and water. Kitchens need to be built with durable materials to allow for the inevitable parts of cooking and preparing food: liquid spills, hot oven temperatures and more.

Our natural thin stone veneer is Harsh Climate Approved – meaning it is resistant to the elements. Even with water exposure and changing temperatures, our stone veneer will maintain its shape, texture, durability and overall appearance. This makes it the ideal choice for your next kitchen project. 

Now that you have chosen natural stone veneer, you need to find the color, shape, and application that is right for you.

Choosing an Application

Natural stone’s versatility allows you to be creative with your kitchen space. Think of the room as a blank canvas. Where do you want to add some color, texture, or depth?

Boston Blend Ledge, Mosaic, and Round – Unmistaken Stonecraft

One of the most popular choices for natural stone kitchens is the backsplash. A kitchen backsplash is a vertical extension to a kitchen countertop, usually along the wall behind the sink and stove, that protects the wall from splashes of water, grease, or other cooking substances. It is often made from materials like tile, glass, or stone, and can be a significant design element in the kitchen.When made with natural stone veneer, your backsplash is easy to clean and protected from water damage. 

Our Boston Blend Thin Stone Veneer is often a favorite choice for kitchen backsplashes. With its blend of gray, earthy tans, and beige, Boston Blend’s design options are endless. It can add a rustic touch to a country kitchen or a sleek, classic look to a modern kitchen design.

Boston Blend Round and Mosaic

Perhaps you are looking to warm your kitchen with a wood stove or pizza oven. Natural stone veneer is an excellent choice for your wood stove or pizza oven due to its heat resistance. Unlike other materials, natural stone can withstand high temperatures without cracking or fading, making it a durable and long-lasting choice. 

The Clean Choice

Natural stone veneer is easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t absorb stains or odors, making it a hygienic choice for your kitchen. In addition, natural stone veneer is eco-friendly. It is a natural product that doesn’t emit harmful chemicals or gasses when heated, making it a safe choice for your home and the environment. 

Commercial Kitchens

Not only is the kitchen the heart of your home, but it’s the heart of your restaurant. Like your home, you want your restaurant’s kitchen to express who you are as a brand. Natural stone can help you design a commercial kitchen that is unique to your brand.

Stoneyard Boston Blend Ledge & Ashlar – Copper Door Restaurant

Boston Blend Ledgestone made this oven the centerpiece of the kitchen at Copper Door Restaurant. Alternately, Colonial Tan Natural Stone Veneer added some warm, earthy tones to the kitchen backsplash at Slow Bones Restaurant.

VTLC Colonial Tan Ledge Slow Bones Restaurant

In conclusion, natural stone veneer is the perfect way to showcase the heart of your home. It can enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, making your dining experience truly unique. 

Boston Blend Ledge, Mosaic, and Round – Unmistaken Stonecraft

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