16 Incredible Examples of Stone Accent Walls in the Living Room

Designing a great living room stone accent wall requires a fine balance of color and texture. The best designs are those that call attention to the character of the room without stealing the show. Interior stone wall living room arrangements should feel natural and welcoming.

This gallery provides 16 living room stone accent wall ideas, an abundance of inspiration – and practical tips – for creating a similar aesthetic in your own home.

The Power of Using an Interior Stone Wall for an Accent Wall

In interior design, accent walls are often used to add color, create a focal point, help coordinate a variety of materials and textures that style the room, and break up bland wall spaces. Painting a particular wall in a contrasting color is one way to grab attention, but stone accent walls are a more dramatic way to create authentic character in a home.

Living room interior stone accent walls tend to communicate a more sophisticated feel that sets the tone for the rest of the room. Depending on the style of stone selected, stone wall living room pieces can also appear rustic and contemporary. This versatility provides plenty of space for designers to get creative with their living room stone accent wall ideas.

Take a look at the examples below for stone accent wall design inspiration.

16 Examples of Stone Accent Walls in the Living Room

1. Traditional Chalet Style

Stoneyard Homestead Farmstead Rubble

The sloped ceiling and exposed beams already exude classic chalet vibes throughout the living room of this home, so the stone accent wall surrounding the fireplace feels like a natural choice to carry on the theme. A mosaic cut was chosen to express a natural style that ties in with the outdoor setting, calling to mind the surrounding mountains and trails.

2. Fireplace Focal Point

Coastal Sand stone veneer wall
Stoneyard Coastal Sand Ledge Fireplace

Open floor plans can benefit from a fixed focal point that anchors the decor. This ledge stone accent wall is situated directly at the center, and it provides exceptional balance. The light beige and cream colors of the natural stone coordinate perfectly with the off-white walls, white trim, and beige furniture found throughout the room.

3. Interior Accent Stone Wall

Newport Mist interior stone wall
Newport Mist Ledgestone

When envisioning a stone accent wall in a living room layout, it is essential to learn how to style the room so that the decor feels balanced. Stone walls create exceptional visual texture, which is why smooth surfaces and minimal patterning is recommended for the coordinating decor. These quilted leather chairs and solid red pillows provide the perfect pop of color against the stone backdrop without drowning the room in too much texture.

4. Modern Farmhouse Style


The modern farmhouse style relies on clean lines, natural light, and familiar materials. The light and bright look of this room is complemented by the ledge stone accent wall, which adds just enough depth of dark gray color to contrast with the light-colored walls and floors – without straying from the airy palette.

5. Contemporary Colors and Materials

Coastal Sand interior stone wall
Coastal Sand

Mixing and matching materials is another way to create an exciting space. This room combines all sorts of colors – sage green, white, pine, teal – while the stone accent wall provides interesting texture that calls attention. The result is a contemporary aesthetic that feels welcoming and energizing.

6. Industrial-Chic Aesthetic

Newport mist stone wall
Newport Mist Ledgestone

A large gray column, cement ceiling, and exposed pipes set the tone of this industrial-chic loft. The gorgeous ledge accent wall in the living room stays within this gray color palette – to showcase a range of subtle white and beige highlights – while adding immediate coziness to the room.

7. Lofted Lounge Area

Newport MIst
Newport Mist Ledgestone

The extension of the stone wall from the ground floor up to the ceiling helps connect these two distinct interior spaces. The plain white wall on the upper floor provides a nice break in texture so that the game room feels both separate from and part of the main room. Guests can hang out in the lofted area and still feel connected to those below in the living room.

Stone panels

Providing a gorgeous backdrop for an artistic display, this stone accent wall calls attention to the unique personality of the designer. The thin strips of gray stone provide subtle coloration and texture, while floor lighting accentuates the ridges of the ledge.

9. Backdrop with Built-In Shelving

Ashlar boston blend interior stone wall
Boston Blend Ashlar

Even small doses of stone wall design can help make a living room feel more complete. This room has elaborate built-in shelving that provides a space to display decor items while also framing the television. The slightly darker gray color of the stone looks amazing against the white shelving, and adds a pinch of color to help coordinate with the black sofa, clock, and light fixtures.

10. Deeply Staggered Ledge Style

Stone panels

This cozy scene shows how the right color, right texture, and right layout can really make a house feel more like a home. Gray ledge stone has a charming appearance, perfect for framing the fireplace and dialing up the coziness of the living room.

11. A Cozy Enclave

Newport Mist
Newport Mist Ledgestone

Working with small spaces can be intimidating, as most design rules recommend light colors and basic patterns. This living room stone accent wall shows that small spaces can be enhanced with the right type of wall decor – in this case, gray stacked stone panels that create a cozy cabin ambiance.

12. Built-In Gas Fireplace

Newport Mist
Newport Mist Ledgestone

A combined accent wall and gas fireplace fixture, this living room feature is certainly the focal point of the room. The sand-colored ledgestone creates a fresh and contemporary feel that frames the gas fireplace with sophistication and flair.

13. Beautiful Shadow Lines with Recessed Lighting

stone panels arctic white

Recessed lighting helps to emphasize the texture of this stone wall by casting dramatic shadow lines along the wall. A simple wood beam serves as the perfect mantle to complement this dry stacked stone nature-inspired aesthetic.

14. Dark Gray Stone for Excellent Contrast

Shadow Mountain
Shadow Mountain

The precision-cut stone of this living room accent wall creates a stately look that’s sophisticated and beautiful. The white oak wood beams provide a pretty color contrast with the dark gray stone, too.

15. Staggered Squares and Rectangles

Boston Blend Ashlar

This living room stone accent wall really catches the eye, because it has a lot of dynamic color and an irregular pattern of square and rectangular stones. The asymmetrical ceiling line also adds to the energy of this accent wall. Stunning!

16. Natural Mosaic Round Stones

Boston Blend Round interior stone wall
Boston Blend Round

Round stones are a unique style with a coastal aesthetic that’s downright charming. Ideal for bungalows, cottages, and lodges alike, this beige and sand-colored accent wall adds gorgeous character to the living room.

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