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Stoneyard Founder, John Croteau wished to bring his New Hampshire lake house to life with natural stone features. He dreamed of a rustic farmhouse aesthetic – which would embrace the property’s surroundings and incorporate design elements that pay homage to nature.

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John’s beautiful, four-bedroom lake house was built in 2000. Every room in the house features a view of Pine River Pond. The view and surroundings make this home a tranquil escape. To allow more time for relaxation, John needed to ensure his lake house was well maintained

01Rustic Stone Lakehouse JEC Entryway 03 Before

When the house was purchased, the front entrance featured small wooden posts, steps, and roof. Due to the age and being in a location with harsh winters, the wood began to rot. To create a safer entryway, John designed a new entrance with a durable, weather-resistant design.


Designing the Entryway

Under John’s supervision, a contractor framed and installed granite steps with concrete footing and supports to hold the front entrance. The smaller wooden posts were replaced with tall thick beams of douglas fir. Already, the entryway was stronger and embellished with farmhouse charm. 

01Rustic Stone Lakehouse JEC Entryway 03 Beams

Installing the Natural Thin Stone Veneer

To further complement the rustic aesthetic of the home, John selected Stoneyard Boston Blend Round Natural Thin Stone Veneer to surround the front door of the house. The blend of gray, tan, and pink in the stone paired nicely with the warmer wood of the douglas fir beams. Aside from its appearance, natural thin stone veneer is harsh climate approved. This assured John that his home’s new design would be protected from the heavy snowfall and cooler temperatures heading into the winter.

01Rustic Stone Lakehouse JEC Entryway 01 BB Round

The installation of Boston Blend Round was a DIY project for John that took him a total of four days, working in half-day increments. Following the recommended process, John first applied a cement board around the entryway. After applying the board, he applied two coats of the LATICRETE™ Air and Water Barrier for moisture and air filtration protection and waited for it to fully cure. The next step was setting or installing the stone veneer, which was the longest step in the process. Once the stones were set in their final place, he pointed the stone with pointing mortar, allowed it to dry for 24 hours, and cleaned the stone, revealing the final design. 

The End Result

Now that it’s complete, John and his family are able to fully enjoy the home’s new rustic charm. Natural stone features surround the house: the granite steps and Boston Blend entryway, the stone walls surrounding the property line, the field stone walls and steppers in the front garden and the steps and walls leading to the lake. Each stone matches the beauty and ruggedness of the White Mountains surrounding the home. Now John can incorporate the work he is proud to be a part of into his dream lakeside sanctuary.

Pine Pond

Product Used:

Boston Blend Round


The Boston Blend® Round Thin Veneer is a unique and visually striking stone option for any project. With its irregular outside shape, it mimics the depth and impact of rounded stones, adding a touch of natural beauty to any space.

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