Stacked Stone Siding and 10 Powerful Design Examples

Stacked stone siding can transform the look of a building in a flash, as the interlocking design and lightweight nature of the cladding speeds up project time and makes installation much easier. The real advantage of using modern stacked stone siding is that there are so many authentic styles to choose from!

Achieve a Captivating Stacked Stone Facade

Building a stacked stone exterior no longer needs the same effort or resources as before. With advanced materials, like natural stone veneer or exterior stone cladding, you can create the captivating look of stone siding in a faster, easier manner..

Stone veneer panels, including dry stack stone and ledger stone, are specifically designed to be thinner and lightweight, making them easier to handle on the job site. Constructed from genuine stones in a wide range of color combinations, stone wall cladding will create a visually pleasing facade.

Take a look at 10 examples of how to use stacked stone cladding to beautify your building – inside and out.

10 Stacked Stone Siding Examples

1. All-Over Stone Siding Style

Shadow Mountain
Stoneyard Monadnock Precision Cut

An all-over approach can create an authentic, fortress-inspired style for the exterior. For this home, light gray ledge was used to emanate a strong and stately aesthetic from foundation to roofline. One of the biggest advantages of using stacked stone cladding is that the panels are intentionally crafted to be lightweight, meaning they can be installed above the roofline without worry. A seamless appearance adds to the appeal of this building.

2. Commercial Storefront with Attractive Ledgestone

newport mist
Newport Mist Ledgestone

This gorgeous facade has a beautiful blend of subtle color. The natural stones feature an array of light beige, tan, light gray, pink, white, and brown hues to provide a fresh and contemporary feel for this commercial building. Notice how the rectangular shape of the stones reflects the overall architecture of the building, and are emphasized by the large glass windows and horizontal concrete ledges.

3. New England Residential Style

Boston Blend Ledgestone

Stacked stone exteriors are a quintessential component of New England design, but this look can easily be achieved in any region of the country. This home features beige lap siding as an accent to coordinate with the neutral colors found in the stacked stone facade. White trim is a classic choice that ties the different tones together.

4. Single Stone Wall on Side

Boston Blend Ledgestone

When it comes to designing the exterior of a house, there are various options available such as using stacked stone siding.

However, instead of covering the entire exterior with this material, many homeowners opt for saving it for just one side wall as an accent feature.

By doing so, they add intrigue and visual interest to the overall design of their house. This also highlights the unique appearance and texture offered by stacked stone veneer panels. In addition to this, incorporating other design elements into the mix can create a cohesive look that ties everything together.

For instance, in the image provided above, notice how a gray light post has been strategically placed near the accent wall. This enhances its appeal while complementing and drawing out similar gray tones from both materials used in tandem.

Ultimately, creating a beautiful home with eye-catching features requires careful consideration of every element used in its design. But if done well through thoughtful planning and attention to detail, something as simple as adding stacked stone siding or playful touches like a cute light post, can truly elevate your home’s curb appeal!

5. Unexpected Yet Luxurious Color Contrast

Oyster Bay
Oyster Bay Ledgestone

Traditional color choices like white and black are great, and using a bold color for the trim can add extra depth to a gray stacked stone exterior. This home has a deep red color featured around the windows that adds to the rustic aesthetic of the facade.

6. The Cabin Aesthetic

Stoneyard Boston Blend Ledgestone – Colorado Home Siding and Chimney

Coordinating other elements of the exterior can help create a distinct style for your home. Stacked stone siding panels are combined with vertical board and batten siding to dial up the texture of this structure to embrace a cabin-inspired aesthetic. Notice how the weathered finish of the wood siding and eaves reflects similar hues found in the stacked stone cladding.

7. Beautifully Mitered Corners

Boston Blend stacked stone ledgestone
Stoneyard Boston Blend Ledgestone on Cape Cod Home by Petes Masonry

Stacked stone siding panels are designed to have matching corners that interlock perfectly. The coordinated layout – one short, one long – allows for weaving back and forth to stagger the joints, for beautifully clean corners.

8. Rustic Interior Walls

Newport Mist stacked stone
Newport Mist Ledgestone

Using stacked stone siding panels on the interior of the home is a great way to have the rustic aesthetic carry through from the outside. Raw materials and textures – like natural wood beams – play well with the stone surface and create a cohesive feel for the residence.

9. Emphasized Entryway

Ledgestone stacked stone
Boston Blend Ledgestone

Stacked siding panels are positioned down the centerline of this home to call attention to the entryway. The distinct gray hues pair perfectly with the light gray lap siding and black shutters, adding energy and texture to the exterior without straying from the palette.

10. Rough-Cut Rectangular and Square Stone

square and rectangular stacked stone
Boston Blend Square and Rectangular

Rough-cut rectangular and square pieces create a gorgeous ruggedness for this stacked stone facade. The design features a natural, weathered appearance with strong tones of gray, beige, and white – easy to match with a variety of roofing and trim colors.

Discover the Best in Stacked Stone Siding with Stoneyard®

Ready to create your own masterpiece? Stoneyard® specializes in crafting stacked stone siding for indoor and outdoor use. With options like ledgestone, mosaic, and round, you can find the ideal design to beautify your building.

Check out stacked stone exterior siding for your next project.

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