Top Five Favorite Stone Projects of 2023

Featuring Stoneyard Natural Thin Stone Veneer

As 2023 comes to a close, we are revisiting some of our favorite customer thin stone veneer projects from this year. We love visiting project sites or being sent photos of all customer projects for us to feature on our featured project page in our website. It’s a great way to inspire others on their own future stone veneer projects. Keep reading to take a trip down memory lane with us.

Here are our top five favorite stone projects of 2023:

1. Guests Stay in the Barn

This New England barn style guesthouse is our top favorite project of 2023. The stone installed by Salo Masonry is a mix of 80% Boston Blend Ashlar and Ledge, and 20% jumbo Boston Blend Square & Rectangular Thin Veneer.

The gorgeous natural stone chimney supports both an outdoor and indoor fireplace. A Boston Blend foundation supports the silo and first floor guest rooms. Inside the home, the fireplace is the centerpiece surrounded by other natural features, including full tree trunk beams and tree branch railings. This home is a rustic farmhouse dream.

2. River View Dream House with Boston Blend

Speaking of dream house, this riverfront oasis is our next runner up favorite stone project. Stephen M. Somosky, Jr., President of Landscape Solutions of Connecticut, Inc., sent us the result after he and his crew crafted the stone designs on this beautiful home.

Bathroom by Landscape Solutions Boston Blend Round and Mosaic

Boston Blend Mosaic surrounds the exterior turret entry, walls, and columns of the home. The natural stone aesthetic continues throughout the home: a gorgeous stone wall compliments the dining room and kitchen entryway. You’ll find a natural stone wood stove in the kitchen and even a natural stone shower in the bathroom. This dream home makes everyday seem like a getaway.

3. Two Fireplaces, One Chimney

Imagine a home where your chimney provides a warm indoor fireplace and an outdoor fireplace for all of your patio gatherings? Well, this design feature is brought to life in this Wenham, Massachusetts home. The chimney and fireplaces are all crafted by Novak Properties using our Oyster Bay Square and Rectangular Natural Thin Stone Veneer. This natural stone chimney becomes the centerpiece of this rustic home.

Oyster Bay Sq & Rec Fireplace

4. Neoclassical Home

Take a journey back in time with this stunning neoclassical home. This house integrates both brick and Boston Blend Mosaic Natural Thin Stone Veneer. Neoclassical architecture is categorized by ornate designs and elements of grandeur. Natural stone provides the intricate detail needed to achieve this design finish. You will find it featured on many parts of the home, including the entrance, the turret room, the staircase, the surrounding walls, and the driveway.

Stoneyard Boston Blend Mosaic Brick and Stone

5. Upgraded NY Airbnb

There’s nothing like a tranquil, cozy escape! This New York Airbnb is the perfect destination with its new design, featuring Boston Blend Mosaic Natural Thin Stone Veneer. The natural stone fireplace creates a rustic aesthetic inspired by the surrounding Adirondack Mountains. It makes you want to curl up with a hot beverage after a long day of skiing.

This concludes our top five favorite stone projects of 2023. It’s been a pleasure to get inspired each day by the work of our customers. We look forward to seeing all of the new stone projects that come to life in 2024.

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