A Stunning Design Inspiration: White Farmhouse with Custom Stone Veneer Exterior and Interiors

The modern farmhouse aesthetic is wildly popular – and gaining momentum! The wonderful part about this design approach is that it encourages creativity, meaning the possibilities are endless. By introducing unexpected elements, like stone accents, you can craft a unique look for your home and embrace the spirit of the farmhouse style.

Not sure where to start? This article zeroes in on a particular color and texture combo, and features ideas on how to make a white farmhouse with stone accents really stand out and create irresistible allure.

Farmhouse-Chic – the Trend that Keeps Gaining Momentum

There’s more to the modern farmhouse style than mason jars filled with flowers, eye-catching light fixtures, and greenery. While decor choices like this embody the farmhouse aesthetic, there are other architectural elements that can help a home embrace the farmhouse style – starting with the exterior siding and interior walls.

This unique design approach combines fresh, modern elements – like crisp color combinations, sharp angles, and energetic pops of color – with reclaimed materials and traditional styles. Stone and wood are common elements that mesh well with the modern farmhouse trend, because they bring depth and texture to the scene. Just picture the natural wood grain elements of oak or the rigid lines and edges of stacked stone.

The farmhouse aesthetic thrives on blending traditionally modest styles – like the simple architecture of a ranch house or the quaint pitched roofs and shuttered windows of a barn – and enhancing them with modern colors and stylistic additions. Think of the farmhouse aesthetic as a reinvention of traditional architecture.

White Farmhouse with Stone – Get the Look!

There are lots of color combos that work, though red, white, sage green and beige tend to be among the most popular colors. If you’ve settled on the idea of white siding or white interior walls, that’s a great start. It’s important to recognize that contrast can be created by the juxtaposition of material and texture, too – not just color.

A white farmhouse with stone accents can create a dynamic appearance – whether the stone is featured on the exterior or the interior. Natural stone tends to look beautiful alongside white walls because of the neutral tones inherent in reclaimed stone. Whether the stone has a gray tone, beige tone, or variegated color pattern, it will easily complement and heighten the look of a white farmhouse.

Stoneyard® Makes It Easy with Natural Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is an excellent choice for modern farmhouse renovations because it saves time, energy, and resources. Veneer is built to be considerably thinner and much more lightweight than traditional masonry stones, meaning it’s better suited for tall, vertical applications – like a smokestack, accent wall that leads up to a lofted area, or second-story dormer. In fact, Stoneyard® veneers weigh less than 14 pounds per square foot. This makes a huge difference when it comes to installation techniques and how fast a project can be completed.

In addition to the convenience of working with lightweight stone veneer, the aesthetic advantages are impressive. Stoneyard® crafts all their veneer from natural stones, so they bring an authenticity that can’t be recreated with other materials. Whether you like the whimsical look of rounded stones with a mosaic layout, or the traditional charm of square stacked stones, Stoneyard® makes it easy to enhance a white farmhouse with stone accents in a way that feels unique and true to your vision.

The color quality is also unmatched. Brown, gray with natural highlights, red, beige – Stoneyard® has crafted a unique collection of curated stone veneer styles that provide the perfect color palette for your project. The good part about outfitting a white farmhouse with stone is that all of these colors tend to look beautiful against white walls – though they each offer a distinct look and feel that makes the selection process fun.

Specific Design Ideas for Enhancing a White Farmhouse with Stone Accents

There are so many ways to heighten the look of a white farmhouse with stone exterior elements. For example, the foundation is one area to consider. A white farmhouse with stone skirt detail can bring a historic antiquity to the look and feel of the exterior.

Embellishing the porch columns or front facade with stone is another way to add a sophisticated element to a white farmhouse. Or, for a more understated addition, adding stone veneer to the smokestack creates a classic style with a natural touch.

There are plenty of ways to enhance a white farmhouse with stone accents on the interior as well. Many homeowners like to frame the fireplace with stone veneer to lean into the relaxed ambiance of gathering round the hearth. Drawing inspiration from lodge, cottage, cabin, and chalet styles, interior stone elements bring an elevated look and sophisticated ambiance that’s easy to fall in love with.

Ready to enhance the look of your white farmhouse with stone elements on the interior or exterior? Contact the Stoneyard® team today and we will help you find the perfect material for your farmhouse project!

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